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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Life Update

 Hi everybody!
 I haven't been truly blogging almost forever... That's sad because I like blogging. But I also have studies, different projects I participate in, small road trips and a part-time job from time to time. So, it's hard. But the funniest thing is when I'm feeling at my LOWEST I always get back to blogging. It makes me happy. :)
 But as I haven't been here for approximately 6 MONTHS I just want to do a little update in a diaries form if you don't mind.
 In March I had an opportunity to become one lawyer's shade for a day and skip the school. (YAY!) It was a very interesting experience. I saw how the whole process happens at the court and understood more the nature of this profession. Some cases can be really boring and then it feels an hour spent in the court  was wasted and spent for nothing. Also I have found out that they use a video conference when people that litigate live in different cities. Technology progress of course.

 April was time for me when I went on a "hunt" for searching a summer job. You should always do this beforehand because to find a job for a summer season at the end of May is almost impossible (though I've done that, too, once). At that time I was also participating in a project New Business-people University where I had an opportunity to create a business idea and a business plan with two beautiful girls. Our idea was a 2nd best idea so we also were rewarded for that. It was probably one of best experiences I had this year.
Diploma for our business idea.
Well, in May I went on an excursion to Lithuania that I posted about here. May was also filled with exams and endless job interviews. So busy.
Somewhere in Lithuania.

In June I started working at H&M where I still continue to work. My sister got engaged. I did some volunteering jobs with kids as I always do each summer. And also the hard thing was moving from my lovely apatments to the new ones but this is life. I got used to the new place I live in though I still don't know where is most of my stuff.

 In July I volunteered to go to a children camp as a teacher. It was a very emotional and hard experience. I got very attached to the 8 little girls I lived with the whole week. I so didn't want to get separated from them that I'm afraid I'm not going to do that again. Way too hard to say good-bye.
The whole camp together.

In August I went to my friend's wedding in Liepaja where I have never been before (It's very windy there. Even in the summer). It was an amazing experience. I am so happy for all of my friends that got married this summer. :) Then I also went to a youth camp History Makers where I could truly have some rest at least for a few days at the end of the summer. :)
Some church in Liepaja. Enchanted.

Starting with September it started to get hard because I've decided to combine my part-time job with my senior year at school which was great until now when I got sick. There is just a lot to do. The good thing is my sister had here marriage registration but it wasn't a wedding, yet. :) And another great thing is that I met one Argentinian girl which now helps me teach kids at Sunday School. That's really nice.
Studying outside when it was warm.

 Now, I need to get well because my sister's wedding is already this Saturday. And unfortunately tomorrow I am going to miss a trip to Kolka with my class because of a cold. :( So I should get well as fast as I can! I am also longing to go to a theater or a ballet or a fashion show (and the list could go on and on and on. There are a lot of interesting event going on) but currently there is just no time for that. Hopefully soon something will change.
 Love you all!