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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Like a Roller Coaster

 Sometimes life is like a huge roller coaster. Or maybe not sometimes but... always? Maybe sometimes there are just more peaceful periods of life and sometimes the roaler coaster goes up or down for a very long time and sometimes it feels like ups and downs change each other so fast that you might get tired of it. I can't say which period of the journey is the best but I know for sure that nobody likes when there happen things that bring us down in real life. But the good news is that roller coaster sooner or later will go up anyway. :)

This picture is not taken by me.

 Lately my life was full of intense ups and downs all the time. I am glad that when I had a little moment of being down I didn't loose faith that it all is going to be better one day and the "ups" came very fast because I believed they will. :) Sometimes those ups and downs are very big but sometimes they are small that we face daily. DOWNS might steal our joy but we should not let them do it. We should patiently wait for UPS and look for something we can be happy and thankful about.

  I can give you some little examples from my own life over the last weeks. For example last week I failed in one competition because I was way too nervous about it and felt sick. I didn't win anything there and didn't show the best of me in my performance as I know I could. It did make me very upset. But later that day I found out I have over 100 subscribers now on my YouTube channel. It made me very happy and the new joy made me completely forget about my failure. Then later that week I've received one very important document for me and found out my last name was spelt wrong. Maybe that's a little problem but it made me very upset because if you receive an important document with the wrong last name it feels almost like you didn't receive anything. I won't be able to prove it's mine anyway. So I was sad. But later that same day I've received another document which was even more important than the first one and there my last name was spelt correctly. So, I was happy again and forgot about the other document. Sometimes it happens. Things that make us sad or happy happen very close to each other. Later that same week I actually found out my performance wasn't so bad and I've received a diploma and a little consolation prize as I didn't win the competition. :) If you don't let your little failures bring you down they won't bring you down. It's you who controls your attitude. And it's only you on whom depends your happiness.

  Just remember there are always greater things that wait for you round the corner. 

Lots of Love,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Outfits Ideas :)

 Hello Everybody!
 I hope everyone of you know that a couple of days ago I've uploaded a new video on youtube called "Spring Lookbook 2015". I must say it is the most interesting and fun video I've ever filmed and I am very proud of it. And also thank you very much for the very positive feedback on my YT channel, twitter, facebook and more. :)
 So I've decided to show you some pictures from this lookbook and explain you more my style and why I love wearing it.

So, the first outfit is very casual for a cold weather. My white scarf is from H&M. Creamy leather jacket from CAMAIEU. I am also wearing high waisted jeans and creamy platform shoes.

Long hair don't care!

Smile! It's cold! :)

Sun :) :) :)

Swing set. My favourites place in the world.

Thumbs up.

Back to the children garden. :D

In the second outfit I've changed only the top. I am wearing a blue shirt that I mentioned in my previous post called "Spring Essentials". Blue is a good color for spring I think.

In my first outfit under the jacket I was wearing a pink top from CAMAIEU and the jewellery that is a gift so I have no idea where is it from. As you can see I love bold accessories and I'm not afraid to wear them in my everyday life. This necklace looks very pretty and it shines in the sun.

Pretending I am "cool".

What am I doing with my hair?

This headband I bought in Croatia as a souvenir and I love wearing it. It looks well with any outfit.

All in all the third outfit is a little bit more girly and I prefer wearing girly style clothes than sporty style. But even if you prefer sporty style you still need some dresses in your wardrobe for more official or festive events. I love this dress because it's very comfy, warm and the material is very soft. A perfect dress for everyday wearing especially if it's not really warm outside.

The last outfit was a floral skirt from Zara and a simple top with a tiny necklace with a key pendant on it. :)
You know I think spring and summer is the right time for floral, floral, floral themed outfits and accessories. And this one is very girly, too. 

So, that's it.
In all the outfits I was wearing Rimmel London 111 Kiss of Life bright red lipstick and the same shoes. :)

 You can also check out the video to see more and fully enjoy the beauty, outfits and music:

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review: MOSSA certified organic Skin Perfector 5 in 1 sheer coverage

 I've forgotten that quite some time ago at drugstore I've received a tester of a MOSSA certified organic Skin Perfector 5 in 1 sheer coverage. So I've tried it and must say it's quite good. It's almost like a BB cream but only the consistency is quite heavier. The minus is that it wasn't really in my shade and it smelled of a plum. I'm not sure there are people that would like to smell like plums. But the coverage is good.
 Have you tried this product? If you have then what do you think of it?

Motivational Wednesday: Finding Mini Happies :)

 Hi Everybody!
 It's been a long time since I've written my last "Finding Mini Happies". So today I'm going to tell you about what has made me happy during the last two weeks. :)

Can you see it's getting greener?

Today I am thankful for:
1.Making new friends at the time and at the place I didn't expect to make new friends,
2.Some of the sunny days :) ,
3.For everyone that has said something nice to me on my social media and in real life,
4.Entering the shop exactly at the time they had announced "Lucky 30 Minutes Time" and purchasing qualitative things for pennies there,
5.Some of the good marks at school :) ,
6.Having these peaceful evenings when you can just sit with your blanket and watch your favourites TV show, drink some tea with sweets and be peaceful,
7.For having a very fun day with an old friend during filming the spring lookbook. It was cold, sunny, windy and crazy. And I have lots of positive emotions after it. We both laughed a lot.
8.For getting lost and exploring the new beautiful views and a little beach in the city I haven't known about before.
9. I am also very glad that everything is getting greener again and for some little miracles that have happened in my life but for now I'll keep them secret.

I got lost and saw this beautiful view and also found a little beach. :)

But what has made you happy today?
Lots of Love,

Desk Organisation

 Hi Everybody!
 Today I've decided to reorganize and redecorate my desk so I'm not ashamed to film videos with my desk in the background and also so it's easier for me to study because the mess I had on my desk distracted me from studying very much. So I've cleaned it and have decided to share with you some of the pictures and inspiration. Maybe you also should reorganize/redecorate your desk?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring Essentials and Being Healthy

  Hello Everybody!
  As you can see by the name of this blogpost I'm going to talk about things that are my MUST HAVE during the Spring and also want to talk a little bit about a healthy lifestyle.  :) I hope you won't mind if today I'll start particularly with health as I think it's very important and then we will move on to fashion, beauty and all other fun stuff. :)


P.S. This pic isn't taken by me.

  So, personally I think that spring is a GREAT time of the year to start living a healthy lifestyle if you haven't already started living it. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I haven't been living a super healthy lifestyle lately but I am planning and thinking of the ways to change that.
  First of all, as we are talking about spring essentials, I think that it's very important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because during the long winter your organism more likely didn't receive lots of vitamins and became weak as you didn't see much sun.
  Second is of course getting fit. I think lots of people start doing more physical activities when spring comes as it gets warmer and everybody are preparing their bodies for wearing less of clothes in the summer. I just want to remind you that paying lots of money for the gym isn't the only way to get fit. There are also other options that you can do inside or outside the house like running, jogging, swimming, doing gymnastics etc. ( by the way, starting doing more Sport activities is a great excuse to go and buy some more sporty style clothes for the trainings ;) ). I think physical activities not only help you to get fit but it also make you a happier person because your mind just  gets refreshed after doing that and it also helps to deal with stress. Even a long walk on a fresh air !SOME OXYGEN! will help you a lot to get through the day and think of new creative ideas or new ways to solve a problem you are facing.
  I also think drinking a lot of WATER is very important because it makes your skin look better and eating more of healthy food is important, too because junk food can also be a reason why people feel down or weak and it's just completely not healthy for your physical health as well. And if you want to get fit faster than healthy  eating will also HELP A LOT.

 I could write even more but let's leave it for the other blogpost that will be 100% dedicated to healthy lifestyle and move on to the other topics...


  I think spring is all about the floral themed accessories and outfits.
 As soon as sun will come out I'm going to start wearing my favourite floral sunglasses that I felt in love with from the first look. They just add even to the most boring outfit so much JOY, ENERGY and "COOLNESS". I always feel very happy when I wear them. I also think these sunglasses can give you some extra self-confidence, too because they just look so COOL. :)


  Next of accessories that I am definitely going to wear are my all time favourite long and big earrings. Long earrings also give me more confidence as it feels like you have some extra hair that just look so pretty. Probably I also hope that with long earrings people will pay less attention on my hair as I don't really like my hair but earrings will make the whole look just look prettier. :) 

The earring in the middle is from Greece, the green one is from the USA and the one under them is hand made my me. You can find a tutorial on that on my earlier blogposts. :)

  Also for accessories I like wearing little cute bracelets. 

This one is from Uganda (a gift from the friend) and it is my favourite bracelet to wear.

  Also I tend to change my perfume choice in the spring from sweet/candy scents to more fresh and floral scents.

This one is called TOUS H2O. And it just has a very simple fresh scent. I think I'll be wearing this perfume through the whole spring. :)

And from clothing my favourite things to wear in the spring are loose shirts and floral skirts. :) I also like the floral headbands.

The skirt is from ZARA.

I don't remember where from this shirt is but on the label it says Elvine.


  In the spring I like to choose pastel and neutral (especially grey) colours. So for my nails more likely I will be using my old favourite Physicians Formula nail polishes in nude colours. And for my eyeshadow I'll be wearing more of pinkish colours maybe from the same Physicians Formula palette but only more in pinkish shades.

  And for my lips I like to change my dark wintery lipsticks to baby pink lipsticks, nude lipsticks and start wearing more lip glosses than lipsticks in general.

My all time favourite lip gloss Dzintars HIT.


  And again changing sweet candy scent of candles to more fresh and floral.

  Spring is a great time to start CLEANING the house if you haven't done it in a while. My advice is before starting cleaning just plan what and how much do you want/need to clean so it won't be like you thought it will take a few minutes and then it took the whole weekend and you feel upset about it. It's better to plan your time for cleaning before starting it and be ready that it might take more than just one hour or one day. And once you're ready just satisfy all of yourself to cleaning and tidying the house with no regrets. :)
 The last thing is sorting out your wardrobe. Here is the great advice so many people have taught me and advice I have never followed but should. ;)

 You need 3 piles.
In pile number 1 you put clothes you 100% sure you will keep.
In pile number 2 you put the clothes that you might keep.
In pile number 3 - clothes that must go away.

How You Decide.

  •  Is it the right colour? Is it the right style? If on both questions you answered 'YES' then it goes in pile number 1.
  • If there is something wrong with it can it be altered or worn differently to make it work? If it can, it goes in pile 2.
  • If it's the wrong colour and the wrong style it goes in pile number 3.
  • If it's not your current size and you haven't worn it for a year it goes in pile number 3.
  Pile 1 - Clothes you keep.
  Pile 2 - Is it worth it? Are you ready or do you want to solve the problems with it?
  Pile 3 - Give away.

Happy Spring!

I hope you enjoyed this super long, informative and full of pictures blogpost. If you did then share it with your friends.
I definitely enjoyed writting it. :)

Lots of Love,

Monday, 6 April 2015

Motivational Monday

 Hi Everybody!

 I've decided to join the Sprinkleofglitter aka Louise in finding Mini Happies every day and sharing it with others. I hope posts like this are going to inspire you simply to live and be happy. :)

I have taken this photo today. These are the flowers that grow outside my window. :)

 This Monday I am happy for -

  1. The AMAZING feed back on my last video on YouTube (million thank you)
  2. That today I had opportunity to wake up and have a hot shower without a rush as it's a holiday (You probably can't even imagine how much it means to me. I usually am always in the rush and at the peaceful moments like this I feel like I am at heaven. The hot shower also helps me to fight with my frequent headache)
  3. I am happy for a beautiful weather we had today (I like any kind of weather but SUN and a little WIND make me especially happy)
  4. Having some laughter with my younger brothers as I understand it's not always going to be like that. I am glad that I and my siblings are such good friends (but of course we fight sometimes, too)
  5. Having lots of my favourite sweets that I ate today. No need to explain :D
  6. Yesterday I had some fun with little children at church. Little children know how to make someone feel very special. Adults have a lot to learn from them. 
  7. Beautiful flowers that have grown outside my window.
  8. Meeting my old friends and finding out that the hard times of their lives have passed.
  9. Making SO many new friends on the Internet that support me in the things I do.

 Probably this is it but I hope next time I'll notice more Mini Happies! :)
Have a great week!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 4 April 2015

March Beauty, Skincare and Other Favourites. ♡

Just another monthly blogpost about my favourite things in the passed month. :)
1. I really like my new mascara Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara because it gives volume and makes my eyelashes many times longer than they really are. And also now on camera in my videos you can see my eyelashes more than in my previous videos. In my previous videos it seemed that I have no eyelashes at all even though I was wearing mascara. :D So I am very happy about this purchase.

2. Also I really liked my new Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 111  Kiss of Life. It's a very beautiful bright red which I was wearing in my hairstyles videos and I also think to wear it more especially in the videos because it's so bright and so beautiful both on camera and in real life. :)

This is me wearing this lipstick. <3

3. Next favourite is my dark brown Maybelline New York Colorama Nail Polish. I've been searching for that dark brown nail polish a long time and I'm very lucky that I finally has found it. But it is a little bit hard to apply it.


1. This month I have one new favourite skincare product. It is Dzintars Kredo Natur Cleaning Lotion. It is very gentle to my skin and cleanses very well. :)

1. This month I've been loving using this Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Menthol. I used to love it very much some time ago but then I just somehow forgot about it. Using this shampoo my hair can stay clean for 3-4 days when with my usual shampoo they stayed clean only for 1-2 days. That's why I highly recommend this shampoo for people that have sensitive skin and hair that get greasy very fast. :)

1. These month I've read 3 books. Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding. It was just a very funny easy reading book to relax. Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell. I think this book just shows that in all times people deal with the same problems. It was a very beautiful, sometimes tragic and at the same time funny and a thrilling book. But my favourite is The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I couldn't stop reading it. It is a very interesting book and I've experienced so many emotions during reading it. There is love, horrors, fun and much more. This book is connected with Second World War and is written in letters style. People just write each other letters and then of these letters become the whole book. I think this book must be half fictional half real. All in all, I really enjoyed reading it. :)

In this month I have 3 favourite songs.
1. Justin Bieber - Where Are You Now
I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber I must be honest but I think this song is very beautiful. I like the meaning and the melody. :)

2.Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do
I am not really about the lyrics of the song I like more the melody and the beautiful voice of Ellie. :) I and my bestie could spend the whole hour just sitting and listening to this song and singing along. (good times) :) 

3.Taylor Swift-Welcome To New York
I think this song just give me a lot of energy. Lately I just play this song in my head all the time. I think this song is very positive and I also like the lyrics: "Took our broken hearts and put them in a drawer
Everybody here was someone else before"

So I think it's it. These are all my favourties. Quite a lot I think. :)

Check out my "March Favourites" video on YouTube to find out more things I've been loving lately:

Lots of Love,