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Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Skincare Favourites

 Hello Everybody!
 Today I'm going to tell about some new amazing skincare products I've purchased or received as a gift. :)

  First things I want to talk about are The Body Shop Mango lip butter and hand cream. What I like about the hand cream is that it is only 30 ml little tube which makes it very comfortable to put it in your little purse and then you can always have it with you. It moisturises and makes you hands soft. This feeling stays for about an hour and then I apply some more of the cream. But you don't need to apply a lot, seriously, one little drop is enough to moisturise both of your hands. And it smells with mango same does the lip butter so if you like citrus scent then it's perfect. I prefer roses/coconut/berries scent. :) The lip butter also leave your lips moisturised long enough which is very good for winter. In summer I think I'd use something lighter, not a lip butter but a lip balm. I just simply not a fan of putting lip products with my finger so I don't use lip butter that often. You can check out more about the products at 

  Next two products are by Dzintars. Dzintars is a Latvian brand of cosmetics and perfumery. I've bought a strawberries scented (my fave scent!) yogurt for face and body suitable for every skin type. I've run out of my The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and decided that I want to go for something lighter and something that would smell better (the Shea butter doesn't smell that good). This facial and body yogurt is definitely what I needed. I LOVE to apply it on my face and body every day and night. It's very light, leaves my skin smooth and soft and I can even feel that it nourishes the skin. After this yogurt my skin feels so much better and fresher and less tired. It actually reminds me of one Himalaya Herbals body cream I used to have but that didn't smell of strawberries. Both this yogurt and that Himalaya cream somehow make my pimples and spots less red and look better. So, I love this product. :)
 The other thing I've bought from Dzintars is another protective hand cream also suitable for every skin type. On the packaging it says: "Special silicone-including complex protects the skin from harmful effect of detergents and adverse effect of external factors. Shea tree butter and vitamin E nourish and soften the skin, improve its external appearance help to preserve hand skin youthful and beautiful. Extracts of bearberry leaves and aloe, as well as sea buckthorn oil moisturise and tone up the skin, improve its colour." Well, this hand cream is quite heavy because it's protective and you definitely will need more than one drop of it to moisturise your hands but I must say when I use this hand cream my skin gets less red as it used to in a winter time. The Body Shop hand cream I've showed you is more of moisturizing but this hand cream is more of protective. It smells freshly and leaves my skin soft, too. 

 Dzintars produces biocosmetic. This is one of its biggest pluses. Also the prices are very friendly I think. You can shop for it at:

 The last product I wanted to tell you about is a gift from Avon. It's Royal Jelly nourishing hand, nail & cuticle balm for very dry skin. Well, my hands have very dry skin especially in the winter. The packaging says: "Bee royal jelly helps keep keep your hands moisrturized... not greasy. It is quickly absorbed." I usually use this hand balm only before I go to sleep because I don't like the way it smells really. Smells quite heavy.. if you can say so... At least for me it's not quickly absorbed but when I wake up in the morning my hands are still moisturized after it though it doesn't last the whole 24h. This isn't my most favourite product but it just was nice to receive a gift from Avon and one more hand cream can never be extra during the winter. So, if I didn't have my Dzintars and The Body Shop products I would definitely use this without a doubt. It's not that bad.

  So, that was it for today's post. Tell me what your current skincare favourite products are. I am searching for a good nourishing and moisturizing eye cream (not too pricey) and a good relaxing face mask. :) Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


  Hi guys!
  During the last time I have been making peace with people a lot and want to share my thoughts and experience with you today.
  Well, I am a VERY easily offended person. I wish it was a lie but it is not. Sometimes if I think a friend or someone else has done something bad to me I would avoid talking with them for months or what is even worse I would just cross them out of my life, like: deleting their telephone number, deleting from friends, deleting all the memories that are connected to them and finally just ignoring them and whatever happens but never contacting them ever again. Sounds cruel, doesn't it?
  I think I have finally understood that this kind of behaviour is at least stupid. And what for to do all this effort to forget someone existed in your life if you can just forgive this person? Just think how much energy you waist to be angry, how much time you waist to delete everything that is related to this person on your social media and finally how much you hurt yourself because you have to rip out from your heart someone who is actually very dear to your heart just because this someone has done one or maybe a few more than one foolish mistakes...
  Instead of this I think with some time it's much easier to forgive than keep fighting with somebody. It will seem hard at the first second but later it will be a relief that you will know you can be with this person you have forgiven in the same room and feel comfortable instead of being in the same room with a person you haven't forgiven and feel miserable. At the end of the day you won't be able to avoid someone all your life. We all live in the same room - planet Earth.
  If you want to forgive somebody but you don't know really how to start, first, be honest with yourself. Tell yourself what is the real reason you are offended. Most of the time, I know it by my own experience, the reason you are offended is because of your pride. And it's fine. We all have some pride. But if your pride troubles you to live freely then you have to forget about it from time to time and learn to look at things easier. If your pride ruins your relationships with people then you have to let it go. I think it's better to have a little less pride but have people who love you and care for you than to be so proud that you push away all the people that could love and care for you.
  Then when your anger has calmed down you have to go there and sincerely talk to the person that gives you a heartache. Tell them how they made you feel, what do you think is wrong between you two and how you want things to change. Most of the time you'll find out it has never even occurred to the person that he or she may have offended you. Sometimes the real reason that you are in a fight with somebody is just a HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING. Huge  misunderstanding. It may be a huge mis -un-der-stan-ding. (I am whispering to you)

  So, if you truly want to prevent any bad unhappy sad moments in your relationship you should just talk more. Learn to be more humble and do not burst so easily because explosion of anger does not help your relationships at all... at all... And even if you or your friend do something really wrong, learn to forgive.
  And I know it's very painful but sometimes you'll tell the people how they made you feel and how they did you wrong but they won't agree with you, they'll defend their actions with some dumb excuses or they'll say you're right but still won't say "sorry". Even then if you truly love this person try to forgive them. And if you don't feel you can be friends anymore then at least try to stay as good acquaintances. Who knows may be with some time you will be able to honestly and completely forgive them for all the 100% and will be ready to be friends again so there is no need to make things worse with ignorance, revenge and disrespect (People it is seriously so low and such a children garden way to react).
  Finally, when people fight it's always the fault of two persons not one. And you're not perfect either. More likely you could have done the same mistake. So don't be so hard on people. Treat others as you want to be treated. And I'm sure if you were in the shoes of people that have offended you you would want some mercy. So show people mercy. Be merciful.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Why Difficulties Are Important?

  Hello Everybody!
  Recently I've come to a very interesting conclusion that difficulties are incredibly IMPORTANT to have a successful life. If you don't face difficulties you'll never succeed in anything.
  I just don't understand it myself. Why when I have my vacations I can NEVER find time to blog and be creative and do something cool. I just simply don't feel inspired at those moments. When I have holidays I focus on spending quality time with my friends and family and try to have the best time of my life and have fun. There is just no space to sit down and make my brain work to do something for my blog or my YouTube channel. (Of course sometimes I write gratitude posts influenced by all the positive emotions I get but it's not like that and most of the time after a great day I would just fall asleep in one second and will never remember to blog about it). But when I go to school (the place that stresses me out) I suddenly feel all inspired to blog and to do something more creative than just to sit behind a desk studying.
   Probably you just can't find inspiration until something kind of pushes you to seek it. Like when I was on holidays I had nothing serious to worry about, I was just enjoying the magic of Christmas, the celebrations, family/friends time, enjoying life altogether and was always busy with a lot of little things I had to do.... that I could not push myself to work though I had lots of awesome ideas that still haven't been brought to life yet... and I don't know when I'll be able to make all of my ideas happen in real life... I just have too many and they come too fast... But now as I am back at school I enjoy every single minute I can blog during the breaks because it helps me to escape from the real life and real problems I have to face.
  I don't mean to say that we should only have bad things happen to us to feel inspired to write or do anything creative. When I have too many difficulties or a job that leaves me squeezed like a lemon every day it doesn't inspire me either. I think there just should be a balance of things. When you have nothing to worry about it's bad. And when all you do is worrying it is bad, too.
  Just remember every time you face difficulties it means you're just about to rise higher if you don't give up. When we face something unpleasant it just makes us want to do things we love better because we LOVE these things. And when nothing challenges us we relax and don't see the point of trying to do what we love qualitatively and to work harder. :-)


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas Memories 2015

 Here are my Christmas memories. :)
 It was supposed to be a longer video but unfortunately I just can't show you all of it. :(
 I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was lovely altogether :) The coolest thing was when it started snowing right after I left a Christmas concert. I also loved all the other concerts and going to bowling with my family, lots of yummy food and as a gift 16 GB memo card so I could vlog more. ;)
 But during this holidays season I also felt very worried & I still am sometimes. So I wasn't able to edit the video for a very long time but I've done it finally! :D 
 There are two things that help me to calm down:
 - This chapter from Bible, Psalm 23
 - This song, Kari Jobe - Here
 Don't worry, be happy! :)
 What are your Christmas happy memories?

 What I'm wearing:
Chanel Mascara
TCW Eyeshadow Palette

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hello, 2016!

 Hello guys!
 The 2016 has started already 5 days ago. But before I'll do any New Year's resolutions and will set any new goals I want to change the way I think. I remember when I was 15 I was a many times happier person because I was more optimistic and the way I looked at things and my attitude was different. I think I could say I was stronger because I worried less and believed more. I want to get back to it. Since I turned 16 I somehow have become a more worried, fearful and stressful person. Maybe it started because I had important exams in the 9th class then changed school in the 10th. Now I'm in the 11th class and next year I'll have to decide what to do after school. So it all makes me worried of course but it's not only school and future that scares me. I am afraid of incredibly a huge amount of things now. It is terrifying. And fear is what paralyses you, what keeps you from doing things and thinking big. Until I won't get rid of it, until I won't be able to mute these doubts I hear in my head I won't be able to move forward.
 So I've made a playlist of some old and new songs that inspire me, help me believe in myself, help me feel strong, calm me and drive away my fears. From now on I'll try as hard as I can to listen to them and sing along to them every day. I believe it will help me. Words are power. Music can have a great influence on the way we think. I'll just try to listen and believe and when I'll be ready to move on. To continue my journey. To set the goals. I'll be back. Because  in my opinion it's meaningless to do anything if you don't have a goal. I need a goal. 
 And I also need to understand a lot of things about myself. Like what do I want? What is my purpose? What can I do and what's too much for me?
 Don't worry the blog posts will appear anyway. I just want to tell you that if you're struggling with the same things like fear, doubts, uncertainty you can try do something like that, too. And we could support each other by sharing our own stories how we get STRONGER by changing the way we think. :)
 Good luck!
 And which songs would you add to my playlist?
 Love you lots <3

  1. Mary J Blige - Doubt
  2. Little Mix - Little Me
  3. Little Mix - Wings
  4. Little Mix - Weird People
  5. Little Mix - I won't
  6. Selena Gomez - Who Says
  7. Selena Gomez - Rise
  8. Selena Gomez - Like a Champion
  9. Selena Gomez - Kill 'Em With Kindness
  10. Taylor Swift - Mean
  11. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
  12. Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You
  13. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
  14. Demi Lovato - Skyscraper
  15. Demi Lovato - La la land
  16. Demi Lovato - Yes, I am
  17. Demi Lovato - Confident
  18. Cobbie Caillet - Try
  19. Bethany Mota - Be Who You Want To Be
  20. Jessie J - Price Tag
  21. Jessie J - Masterpiece
  22. Jessie J - Who You Are
  23. Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now
  24. Jessie J - Flashlight
  25. Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile
  26. Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
  27. Mandisa - Stronger
  28. Mandisa - He Is With You
  29. Kari Jobe - Here
  30. Kari Jobe - Steady My Heart
  31. Kari Jobe - Everyone Needs a Little
  32. Kari Jobe - You Are For Me
  33. Kari Jobe - Find You On My Knees
  34. Britt Nicole - Gold
  35. Britt Nicole - Headphones
  36. Britt Nicole - Have Your Way
  37. Britt Nicole - Hanging On
  38. Fifth Harmony - Reflection
  39. Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin On
  40. Royal Tailor - Remain
  41. Bethel Music - No Longer Slaves
  42. Hillsong United - Oceans