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Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Skincare Favourites

 Hello Everybody!
 Today I'm going to tell about some new amazing skincare products I've purchased or received as a gift. :)

  First things I want to talk about are The Body Shop Mango lip butter and hand cream. What I like about the hand cream is that it is only 30 ml little tube which makes it very comfortable to put it in your little purse and then you can always have it with you. It moisturises and makes you hands soft. This feeling stays for about an hour and then I apply some more of the cream. But you don't need to apply a lot, seriously, one little drop is enough to moisturise both of your hands. And it smells with mango same does the lip butter so if you like citrus scent then it's perfect. I prefer roses/coconut/berries scent. :) The lip butter also leave your lips moisturised long enough which is very good for winter. In summer I think I'd use something lighter, not a lip butter but a lip balm. I just simply not a fan of putting lip products with my finger so I don't use lip butter that often. You can check out more about the products at 

  Next two products are by Dzintars. Dzintars is a Latvian brand of cosmetics and perfumery. I've bought a strawberries scented (my fave scent!) yogurt for face and body suitable for every skin type. I've run out of my The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and decided that I want to go for something lighter and something that would smell better (the Shea butter doesn't smell that good). This facial and body yogurt is definitely what I needed. I LOVE to apply it on my face and body every day and night. It's very light, leaves my skin smooth and soft and I can even feel that it nourishes the skin. After this yogurt my skin feels so much better and fresher and less tired. It actually reminds me of one Himalaya Herbals body cream I used to have but that didn't smell of strawberries. Both this yogurt and that Himalaya cream somehow make my pimples and spots less red and look better. So, I love this product. :)
 The other thing I've bought from Dzintars is another protective hand cream also suitable for every skin type. On the packaging it says: "Special silicone-including complex protects the skin from harmful effect of detergents and adverse effect of external factors. Shea tree butter and vitamin E nourish and soften the skin, improve its external appearance help to preserve hand skin youthful and beautiful. Extracts of bearberry leaves and aloe, as well as sea buckthorn oil moisturise and tone up the skin, improve its colour." Well, this hand cream is quite heavy because it's protective and you definitely will need more than one drop of it to moisturise your hands but I must say when I use this hand cream my skin gets less red as it used to in a winter time. The Body Shop hand cream I've showed you is more of moisturizing but this hand cream is more of protective. It smells freshly and leaves my skin soft, too. 

 Dzintars produces biocosmetic. This is one of its biggest pluses. Also the prices are very friendly I think. You can shop for it at:

 The last product I wanted to tell you about is a gift from Avon. It's Royal Jelly nourishing hand, nail & cuticle balm for very dry skin. Well, my hands have very dry skin especially in the winter. The packaging says: "Bee royal jelly helps keep keep your hands moisrturized... not greasy. It is quickly absorbed." I usually use this hand balm only before I go to sleep because I don't like the way it smells really. Smells quite heavy.. if you can say so... At least for me it's not quickly absorbed but when I wake up in the morning my hands are still moisturized after it though it doesn't last the whole 24h. This isn't my most favourite product but it just was nice to receive a gift from Avon and one more hand cream can never be extra during the winter. So, if I didn't have my Dzintars and The Body Shop products I would definitely use this without a doubt. It's not that bad.

  So, that was it for today's post. Tell me what your current skincare favourite products are. I am searching for a good nourishing and moisturizing eye cream (not too pricey) and a good relaxing face mask. :) Any suggestions?