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Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

 So, Christmas has passed. It's midnight. And I finally found time to share a little piece of my Christmas with you.
 This year Christmas Day was ful of FUN. Let's start from the beginning.

When I woke up outside the window I saw snow. I've been waiting for it very long. And it finally snowed exactly at Christmas. Just like a Christmas miracle.

Then we decorated our house with lots of lights, candles and more. :)

After that I painted my nails wit my new favourite nail polish.

A bit later, after watching Home Alone, we went to the city centre. There we saw the little palace of rabbits. :)

Then my parents and my brothers all went to the shooting range. I was just watching because I don't like shooting.

There my family won some little cute prizes.

After that we went to the restaurant Il Patio. The food was delicious and the atmosphere there was good. I also really liked Christmas decorations at that restaurant.

I like always ordered my favourite dish lasagna. :)

It was Il Patio Magic Tea mixed with juice. Tasted good. :)

Also in the middle of it all, I and my brother were bored and we decided to film a little FUN video. :) I'll leave the link below. I hope you'll watch it and will laugh hard at us. :D :P

May all your dreams come true! <3

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How To: Easy DIY Christmassy Bracelet

 Recently I've been obsessed with making DIY bracelets of beads. I'm going to show you how to make a cute Christmassy bracelet. You can make it as a gift for someone or just for yourself. :)

All you need is metal threads, beads and scissors. :)

I've bought all my materials at Tiger.
1.First step is to make three threads with beads on them (two of the size of the hand and one two times bigger).

2.Then connect all three threads and begin to weave them like it is shown in the photos below. 

3. Continue until the the threads end. Then connect the threads.

4. On one side make of threads a little round.

5. On the other side make a little hook.

6. Now you can connect both sides and have a beautiful bracelet. :)

Send me pictures of your DIYs and give me ideas for the next tutorials! What would you like to see next?
 :) :) :)

Christmassy Riga (Night)

So, I think this is the last Christmassy Riga post this year. :) Enjoy! And don't foget to send me pictures of your Christmassy town.


Monday, 22 December 2014

Which one is better?

 I've decided to make a review about different cosmetics that I use and share with you which one of products I think is better and why. Let's get started. :)

This year I used two BB creams. They both are amazaing. Maybelline DreamFresh BB Cream really makes skin look fresher but it doesn't hide redness and spots. I use it when my skin looks good but I need protection if the sun and want my skin to look a bit more fresher. Garnier BB cream is more pigmented, it hides spots and redness and gives face a little bit of a fake tan. I Garnier's BB cream I really need to coverblemishes I even use it instead of a foundation. My skin doesn't get irritated by these BB creams so I don't have any skin problems after using them. They have three shades of it: light, medium and dark. I use medium.

So when we talk about mascaras I must say I am a Maybelline's fan but sometimes I try other brands, too. This time I decided to try Catrice cosmetics. I used Catrice Glamour Doll mascara and Catrice Better Then False Lashes volume mascara. I must say I love Better Than False Lashes more because it seperates lashes better and gives more volume. Glamour Doll didn't do that great job and after a few months got very dry and a brush just broke with no reason. :-/

I am not very good at using eye liners but sometimes I try my best at it. I used Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. Must say I didn't really notice it to be waterpoof and using it this pen is very uncomfortable. Even though I didn't use it much after a few months it got very dry and stopped painting.:-/  The next eye liner I used is Rimmel London Exaggerate eye liner. I am a big fan of Rimmel London because it's not too pricey and quality always is very good. Even though I am not a master at using eye liner I found using this one very easy and it stays for a long time. :) I would strongly recommend to give  it a shot. 

So, after using makeup we all need eye make-up removers because skin around eyes is tender and easily irritated. I used two Garnier products. Garnier Express 2 in 1 and Granier Fresh Essentials. I like more Garnier Fresh Essentials because it takes makeup off very well and it quite leaves your skin moisturised and fresh. Garnier Express 2 in 1 leaves my skin very dry and irritated and doesn't takes  off makeup that good as Garnier Fresh Essentials. So vote goes to Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye  Make-up Remover. :)

Probably right now this is it. 
You can share your favourites with me. 
Maybe you have some better alternatives to what I use?
Love <3