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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nail Polishes Collection

  1. These nail polishes I bought in Latvia. Eveline SOS ans Avon are nail polishes that strengthen nails. And I must say that I like Eveline more than Avon because Avon I've been using for a year and didn't notice any changes but after just one time I tried Eveline I've noticed that my nails are many times stronger now. :) Flormar nail enamel 301 is just a simple transparent nail polish but it didn't serve me a long  time because quality of it ain't so good. So probably I'm not going to buy it again.

2. Olivia Nail Enamel provitamin Orkide 61 and 158 are one of my favourite nail polishes. Colours are very bright and quality is goo, too. It's awesome to wear them in summer and spring. I also have been wearing them to school and on holidays. They are amazing and last long. I would suggest you to try them once. 

3. All of these are also my favourites. My Mum bought them for me in the U.S.A. They are from Physicians Formula Nude collection I also have amazing eye shadows from this collection. I love these nail polishes because colors are very neutral and you can wear them every day with any kind of clothes. Quality is also good. 

4. These are the nail polishes from Armenia. My grandmother bought them for me. The first one from yhe left is Golden Rose Sweet color 37. I absolutely love it. It has the color of gold which I think is perfect for holidays and nights out. I've used it up two times already.  Second from the left is Miss Selene Nail Lacquer 147 and third is Golden Rose Sweet color 40. These two I didn't use much because the colors are just not mine. But all of these nail polishes are cheap comparing to what I buy in Europe. So if you find yourself in Armenia one day you should shop for them. :)

P.S. These are the eye shadows I mentioned in the post. It's just heaven. <3

Which one of these nail polishes did you like the most?