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Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

 So, Christmas has passed. It's midnight. And I finally found time to share a little piece of my Christmas with you.
 This year Christmas Day was ful of FUN. Let's start from the beginning.

When I woke up outside the window I saw snow. I've been waiting for it very long. And it finally snowed exactly at Christmas. Just like a Christmas miracle.

Then we decorated our house with lots of lights, candles and more. :)

After that I painted my nails wit my new favourite nail polish.

A bit later, after watching Home Alone, we went to the city centre. There we saw the little palace of rabbits. :)

Then my parents and my brothers all went to the shooting range. I was just watching because I don't like shooting.

There my family won some little cute prizes.

After that we went to the restaurant Il Patio. The food was delicious and the atmosphere there was good. I also really liked Christmas decorations at that restaurant.

I like always ordered my favourite dish lasagna. :)

It was Il Patio Magic Tea mixed with juice. Tasted good. :)

Also in the middle of it all, I and my brother were bored and we decided to film a little FUN video. :) I'll leave the link below. I hope you'll watch it and will laugh hard at us. :D :P

May all your dreams come true! <3