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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Saying NO

 At the last time a lot of people talk about saying YES to things. And this is AWESOME! :) But I think it is also IMPORTANT to say NO at the right time and the right place.
 Some time ago I would never ever say NO. I was afarid to disappoint people. That's why I at school I would participate in every event, competition and would do anything teachers asked me to do. This led me to some problems with my health because I had a lot of stress and felt a lot of pressure on me. I was getting more and more unhappier. I did even things I hated to do or I had no interest in.
 Now I realise I was wrong. You should not be afraid of what people will think about you. The most important things in life are your health and your happiness. So, now if the opportunity I am offered isn't what I really want to do then I say NO because I believe there is always something better waiting for me in the corner. :) And this is the truth. Even if all around you think that you should say YES because that's pretty cool and everybody does so it doesn't mean you have to. You know yourself better than anyone else and you should decide for yourself .
 And also it's important to remember that even if you like somethings very much, it may be your hobby or anything else but you feel that you are already exhausted doing it then you should say NO and take a break. Nothing in the world is more healing  and relaxing then just a little break. Take time for yourself. Take time for life. Take time for just being happy. :) A little break never killed nobody. It will only help you to find strength to go forward.
 Good luck! xxx