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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How To: Easy DIY Christmassy Bracelet

 Recently I've been obsessed with making DIY bracelets of beads. I'm going to show you how to make a cute Christmassy bracelet. You can make it as a gift for someone or just for yourself. :)

All you need is metal threads, beads and scissors. :)

I've bought all my materials at Tiger.
1.First step is to make three threads with beads on them (two of the size of the hand and one two times bigger).

2.Then connect all three threads and begin to weave them like it is shown in the photos below. 

3. Continue until the the threads end. Then connect the threads.

4. On one side make of threads a little round.

5. On the other side make a little hook.

6. Now you can connect both sides and have a beautiful bracelet. :)

Send me pictures of your DIYs and give me ideas for the next tutorials! What would you like to see next?
 :) :) :)