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Friday, 19 December 2014

Lipsticks, lip gloss + more :)

 So last month I had a brithday and soon are Christmas and New Year so I continue to make myself happy and buy myself presents. I've bought and received a lot of lipsticks as a present. So I'm going to show you my favourite ones. :)

 The first lipstick from yhe left is Essence 06 Barely there!. It is the darkest lipstick that I have and I love wearing it now in this Autumn/Winter time. It is the color of dirty pink. And I use it a lot and this color goes well with any outfit.
  The second is Dzintars Lux KREDO T8. It is a deep red lipstick that is perfect for Christmas and New Year's parties. I wear it only on celebrations, holidays and special events. But it is very beautiful.
  The third one is Christian Dior Rouge Dior 565. It is a bright pink lipstick. It is a perfect color for Spring/Summer time. It is very bright and also festive. If you are confident enough to wear very bright colors then you should have something like this in your cosmetic bag.
  The fourth one is Dzintars Lux KREDO T83. It's a gently light pink lipstick. It's more for everyday makeup. It's very neutral but at the same time very cute. 

 I have also purchased these lipsticks and lip gloss. 
  The first one from the left is ISANA Sanft Rose lip balm. I use it every day when it's not very cold and windy. It's not too pricey and the quality is good, too.
 The second one is Dzintars UNI lip balm. It's a bit more expensive than ISANA. It protects from the wind, frost and the sun so right now in this season I use it a lot. I've used also nivea, isana and others but this is my favourite. 
  The third one is a lip gloss HIT Dzintars. I love it. It's not too pricey and the colors from this collection all are very beautiful and neutral. You can wear them every day. I and some of my friends have been using this lip gloss since we were 12 and right now I'm already 17 but it is still my favourtie.

And one more thing...

  I know I have already written a post about my nail polishes but when I was shopping in Drogas (similar to Drugstore) I found THIS... The collection's name is Butterfly. As soon as I saw the name of it I decided to check it and I must say the colors are very beautiful. This is Butterfly Ashati 285. It is a very deep red color that will look perfectly together with my new red lipstick. This color is very beautiful and is also perfect for holidays. :)

So I hope this post made you happy! :)