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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Books To Read

 Hello Everybody!
 Probably you have noticed that lately I haven't been blogging a lot. I am very sorry. The reason is that I got very much into reading books. And I am going to continue reading books because I like it and it develops me as a person. :)

  So, as I've been reading a lot and I've decided to tell you about the books I've read. Don't get surprised if almost every book I am talking about is in a new language Russian, English, French, Spanish etc. I know and learn lots of languages so it's not so hard to me to read five different books in five different languages at a time. :)

 Fashion & Style

First two books I want to tell you about are fashion and style related. I've decided I'll tell you about them first because my blog itself is mainly fashion, style and beauty related.

 The book number 1 is called "Create Your Style". It contains style related tips and tricks from the best fashion bloggers from all around the world. It was very interesting to read. The book also tells about every part of clothes in details and also has pictures of different variations how a shirt or a skirt can look like.

This is how it looks inside.
These pictures really helped me during shopping. I could just show my Mum or shop assistant what exactly I want and they would help me find it.

  Book number 2 is called "You're So French!" by Frederique Veysset, Isabelle Thomas and Clement Dezelus. This book is about French style. How they dress, do their makeup, hair and what means French style by itself. I really liked this book. Probably I liked it even more than "Create Your Style" because I really like the way French style looks. It had a lot of tips in it. Authors of this book are also bloggers. This book also contains lots of interviews and pictures. French style is simply sop elegant and adorable.


This month I've also read two biographies. One was about Audrey Hepburn, second was about Coco Chanel.

 After reading a book about Coco Chanel I can't say I'd like to be like her. Her life story is very sad. She was an orphan and she didn't make her own family and didn't have babies. But this book shows that if you want to achieve something big you must WORK VERY HARD and you ALWAYS must sacrifice something for it (health, friends, family or something else or everything).

  Audrey Hepburn's life is a better example for me. Of course she worked hard but she always put a family first. Her two sons were the most important gift of life to her. She tried to love everybody. She worked with UNICEF and helped children. In this book she says that the most important is not to be indifferent. She said her favourite characters were mother, wife, UNICEF worker and Sister Luke in The Nun's Story. Audrey simply always cared about others more than about herself.


  At the end of the school year I started getting a little bit bored at school so instead of listening to the teachers I read Gossip Girl books.

  I must say that I enjoy watching Gossip Girl many times more than reading it. But if you're really bored and what to read something very easy and light then that's a good choice. The best in the book is that there is enough of humour and intrigues to keep a reader interested.



 A lot of people think that "Little Prince" is a book for children but I would not say that. It's actually enough wise to read in any age. And the author's style is simple enough. This book can teach a lot in a very interesting way. I would say every single person in the world just must read it!

  The last book I haven't started to read yet. I don't think it's going to be anything special. I simply took it from library because it's educative and will help me learn Spanish. It gives you stories in Spanish and parallel shows English translation. So if you learn Spanish you should google: "Penguin Parallel Text Spanish Stories 2 Cuentos Hispanicos"

 Please tell me if you want more blog posts like that. Or maybe you want me to teach you to speak any languages I know??? Tell me!

Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Welcome To Riga

 Hello Everybody!
 Some of you have asked me where am I from. So I decided to answer with this little video. :)
 Hope you'll enjoy it! And remember I am NOT a professional! ;)

Lots of Love,

P.S. Tell me about your cities! :)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Prom/Wedding Get Ready With Me

 And of course I am very excited about it. In this post I'll tell you where the outfits are from and will talk a little bit more in details about makeup.

 1.For a good start I used Essence Coverstick abdeckstift . It's a concealer but in every day life I use it as a foundation because it's consistency is closer to that. It covers all my imperfections very well but unfortunately doesn't last very long. After already two hours I need to apply it all over again usually to hide my dark circles and blemishes.
 2. Then I used my Garnier BB cream anti-imperfections in medium. It is quite dark to me so I use it only in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan with a lighter powder or concealer so I don't look too dark. :) I really like using it as a foundation in the summer. It's not too heavy. Unfortunately in the video it looks very orange which it isn't in real life just simply camera may change and illuminate colours a little bit. :)
Garnier BB Cream on the right. :)

 3. For my eyebrows I as always used my Rimmel Eyebrows Pencil but lately I've been loving filling in my eyebrows with the eye shadows.

 4.Eyes were the trickiest part in this look. In the beginning I tried to use my Physician's Formula Nude Eye Shadows but they didn't look enough saturated and bright for this festive look. So I took my Mum's amazing eye shadows that unfortunately don't have a name and can't be found i the stores. :( I used three colours. In my inner corner I used and as a base I used a light champagne colour. In the midde I used light purple. And in the outer corner and for my cat eye shape I used a dark purple colour. It looked very pretty. In every day life I like doing the same with just white and dark brown eye shadows. 

 5. I used my every day AMAZING mascara which I have already told you about a lot of times. Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara.

 6. For my cheeks I used the pretiest colour ever of Essencse Coral Calling Lipstick 01. Yes, I use lipstick instead of blusher.
 7. On my lips I also used three products. Lip balm ISANA Sanft Rose to make my lips soft before I apply a lipstick. Then Essencse Coral Calling Lipstick 01. The colour is very pretty but Essence's lipsticks aren't so much long lasting as Rimmel's. And the last thing I added a little bit of lightness and sparks in the center of my lips with Dzintars Hit Lipgloss. :) xx

 8. And then of course I finished it all with a powder so the makeup stays longer. 


Outfit number one:
Dress: H&M
Earrings: gift
Shoes: Hogl

Outfit number two: (You've seen it already in OOTD post)
Dress: Reserved
Earrings: gift
Shoes: Elche
Clutch: Jessica Simpson

 Now you can watch the video to see everything yourself! :)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day): Tea Party Afternoon

  Hello Everybody!
  Today I am showing you a slightly more classic outfit. The one you could wear for a business meeting or a small official party. The outfit is very comfortable and cute.

Accessories: a gift
Dress: TopDesign
Jacket: BECOOLSPORT OriginalDesign
Shoes: Elche


HIT Dzintars Lip gloss
Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara

P.S. Photos by @Svetiik17
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


 Hi guys!
 If you haven't known yet this summer I am trying to vlog my everyday life as much as I can and share it on YouTube!!! So if you're interested in finding some adventures and laughter be sure to check out my YouTube channel Light as Butterfly for some summery vlogs! :D
 The first vlog is already HERE!!! I am so EXCITED!
 In this vlog you'l see my friend Nadine, lots of coffee, Justin Bieber, Gossip Girl, Nails and lots of sugar too. :)

Lots of Love,

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day): Denim Girl

  Hello Everybody!
  Denim is fashionable this season! So for all of you who love jeans and more of a sport style clothes is  dedicated my next outfit.

Here you can take a closer look on the shoes. :)
Even though white keds get dirty faster I like them because I think they are more festive and give more life to this denim outfit. 

Jacket: Lindex

Top: Classic Collection
Jeans: Arizona
Bag:A gift
Keds: DARS

Earrings: DIVA


Essence 01 Coral Calling lipstick
Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara

Lots of Love,

P.S. Photos of the outfit are by @Svetiik17

Monday, 1 June 2015

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day): Summer Beach Party

  Hello Everybody!
  It's officially SUMMER! :D
  So today I am showing you the outfit I really like wearing in the summer! :)

Hat: H&M
Top: Colloseum 
Jacket: Lindex
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: CCC
Bag: Cropp Town
Bracelet: A gift from Uganda :)
Pendant: A gift from Armenia :)
Earrings: A gift from the USA :)


Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 111 Kiss of Life
Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara

P.S. Photographs by @Svetiik17. If you ever recreate this outfit send me pictures at @lightasbuterfly (Twitter)! :)

Lots of Love,