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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Prom/Wedding Get Ready With Me

 And of course I am very excited about it. In this post I'll tell you where the outfits are from and will talk a little bit more in details about makeup.

 1.For a good start I used Essence Coverstick abdeckstift . It's a concealer but in every day life I use it as a foundation because it's consistency is closer to that. It covers all my imperfections very well but unfortunately doesn't last very long. After already two hours I need to apply it all over again usually to hide my dark circles and blemishes.
 2. Then I used my Garnier BB cream anti-imperfections in medium. It is quite dark to me so I use it only in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan with a lighter powder or concealer so I don't look too dark. :) I really like using it as a foundation in the summer. It's not too heavy. Unfortunately in the video it looks very orange which it isn't in real life just simply camera may change and illuminate colours a little bit. :)
Garnier BB Cream on the right. :)

 3. For my eyebrows I as always used my Rimmel Eyebrows Pencil but lately I've been loving filling in my eyebrows with the eye shadows.

 4.Eyes were the trickiest part in this look. In the beginning I tried to use my Physician's Formula Nude Eye Shadows but they didn't look enough saturated and bright for this festive look. So I took my Mum's amazing eye shadows that unfortunately don't have a name and can't be found i the stores. :( I used three colours. In my inner corner I used and as a base I used a light champagne colour. In the midde I used light purple. And in the outer corner and for my cat eye shape I used a dark purple colour. It looked very pretty. In every day life I like doing the same with just white and dark brown eye shadows. 

 5. I used my every day AMAZING mascara which I have already told you about a lot of times. Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara.

 6. For my cheeks I used the pretiest colour ever of Essencse Coral Calling Lipstick 01. Yes, I use lipstick instead of blusher.
 7. On my lips I also used three products. Lip balm ISANA Sanft Rose to make my lips soft before I apply a lipstick. Then Essencse Coral Calling Lipstick 01. The colour is very pretty but Essence's lipsticks aren't so much long lasting as Rimmel's. And the last thing I added a little bit of lightness and sparks in the center of my lips with Dzintars Hit Lipgloss. :) xx

 8. And then of course I finished it all with a powder so the makeup stays longer. 


Outfit number one:
Dress: H&M
Earrings: gift
Shoes: Hogl

Outfit number two: (You've seen it already in OOTD post)
Dress: Reserved
Earrings: gift
Shoes: Elche
Clutch: Jessica Simpson

 Now you can watch the video to see everything yourself! :)