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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival (+ more of this crazy long day) :)

 If you didn't know I study at Riga Cultures Secondary school. And I study a lot of languages at this school. One of these languages is Chinese. Together with learning Chinese we learn traditional Chinese Culture. I think it's very interesting because Chinese Culture is very different from our western culture. And today at University of Latvia all the Latvia's students that study Chinese language had an amazing opporunity to celebrate a Chinese New Year/ Spring Fetsival. It was very interesting. There have been dragon show, magician show, songs, poetry, dances etc. So, yes it was very fun. :D And after it we all were invited to try Chinese food. There have been plenty of food and everybody were very happy and satisfied. :)

Here is a little video of dragon show which is my favourite.

 I also have a magician show video but it's too long so maybe I'll post it later after I'll edit it. :)

I didn't take any picture of food but you can check my classmate's Instagram photo. :)

 And also this evening I've spent a very good time at CofeeInn cafe. If you've never been there then you should definetely go there and try their hot drinks and desserts because it's delicious. My new favourite place to go. :)

My friend Nadine ordered this beautiful coffee with a treble clef of caramel. :)

And I ordered this delicious cheese cake with glaze. *Yummy.*

I hope you also had or will have a good Saturday!

Don't forget to live every day like it's the last!. :)

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Five Healthy and Yummy Breakfast Ideas

 I know eating healthy is hard. I am not perfect at eating healthy breakfasts and I do eat chocolate sometimes for brekafast. Most of people including me sometimes just skip breakfast because we don't have time to eat in the morning before school or work. But breakfast is very important. And lately I've been trying to eat healthy so I decided to share some my ideas with you. :)

1. This is one of my favourites. :) Cottage cheese with sour cream and jam. It's healthy and yummy at the same time. Cottage cheese has a lot of calcium  and we all need calcium. I remember when one lady told me that if women don't have enough of calcium then during pregnancy they might lose all their teeth. I was 13 then and got very scared. When I came home I asked my Mum to buy me cottage cheese every day so I won't lose my teeth when I'll get pregnant. :D xoxo I thought then that I'll be eating cottage cheese every day but eating cottage cheese every day is boring so let's move on. :)

 2. I make porridge of oat flakes by just putting a little of boiling water in it and then add some muesli so it's more yummy and sweet. Eating porridge doesn't always have to be boring. :) And again it's healthy and yummy at the same time if you add something to it like muesli, jam or maybe even fruit.

 3. The third idea is YOGURT! :)

 4. You can eat cereals with milk but if you want this breakfast to be super healthy then choose sugar free cereals. I usually eat Fitness cereals but the last pack of it was torn so unfortunately I couldn't take a photo of it but I hope you' ll forgive me for it. :)

5. The last idea is to do a FRUIT SALAD! It's fast, easy, yummy and you will get a lot of vitamins. :)

 I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it at least a little helped or inspired you eating healthy! :)

Leave your healthy breakfast ideas/recipes in the comments PLEASE!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How To Be Organised?

 People often ask me how to be succesful and have time to do everything. And I hate when they ask me because the only answer I have is DISCIPLINE! And people hate it! And I am afraid that probably when I answer them with DISCIPLINE they begin hating on me, too because they don't like this word.
 I know it's hard to be organised and lately I've been super unorganised myself but let's think about fun ways to do it! :)
 First. Always follow this rule!!!
 Things to do:
1. Important and urgent.
2. Important and not urgent.
3. Not important but urgent.
4. Not  important and not urgent.

Always do things in this order. Try to evaluate what is important and what is urgent and what isn't.

Second. If you have a bad memory just like me then write things you have to do on the stickers and then hang them everywhere you can so you don't forget to do it. Try to make these stickers very colourful and bold so it would easily attract your attention! :)

Have a planner! Teach yourself to plan time! If you know you have an exam on Monday then may be you shouldn't party all Sunday's evening long but you should better have more time for yourself to study? And again make this planner very colourful and beautiful so planning your day and writing down the important information would become your favourite thing to do! :D

If planning your time is a really hard thing to do for you then you can ask your friends and family for help! You could ask them to always remind you about important things to do until you will do them. You can also make your own self enouraging/incentive system. For example you can promise yourself that you can go and buy yourself an ice-cream ONLY if you do your homework first. :)

And last but not least you always need a MOTIVATION! A prize for doing something isn't a motivation. You have to realize WHY you have to do things you do. If it's hard to be organised at your studies at school then think about that if you won't finish the school with good marks you might not get to university and might never receive a job of your dreams. Think about your MOTIVATION before starting doing something.

I hope this post will help at least a little!

Good luck at being organised and finding your motivation!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Real Young Liquid Concealer

  I think you already know that my favourite concealers are the concealers of Rimmel London but recenlty I've decided to try something new. And this is what happened.
  Real Young is a German brand of cosmetics for young girls mostly. It's not too pricey. I also think it's quite new because I haven't been noticing it before but this week I noticed it and decided to try their Liquid Concealer.
  I've bought mine in shade 01 Beige. It's not really my shade but all concealers of my shade were already bought and sometimes I like to use a little lighter concealer under my eyes so I bought this. :)

This is how it looks like.

This concealer doesn't give a 100 % coverage and it really dries skin. But if your skin isn't so much sensitive as mine and doesn't need that much coverage then it might be fine. :)

What is your favourite concealer?

Lots of Love,

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me

 Recently I've bought another Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in shade Cherry Me. It has a pretty shade of red not that kind of red that is very bold or agressive but it's more like a hint for red and smells with cherry. :) It is very moisturising and I love wearing it every day. :) <3

This is how it looks like.

Red. :)

What is your favourite shade of Maybelline Baby Lips?

Lots of love,

Thursday, 19 February 2015

DIY Accessories

 Recently I've found one old album of mine on facebook. It's been so long ago that I have already forgoten that I had all these pictures of my handmade accessories which I made when I was at the age of 13/14 years old.
 I just decided to share these pictures with you. Maybe it will inspire you to do something creative yourself! I hope it will inspire you! :)

My handmade necklace of threads.

Handmade bows earrings and headband.

Lots of bracelets. Leather, threads, beads...

Handmade knitted gloves. :)

And last but not least a handmade leather wallet. It took me hours and hours to do it but I am satisfied with the resault. It's been with me for years and years and it still is in a good quality.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tokyo City Restaurant

 Hi Everybody! :)
 Today I, my Mum and my sister decided to visit Tokyo City Restaurant at Terbatas street 2 in Riga. It is renovated and now looks lovely! Huge halls, comfy chairs, beautiful view in the windows, decor of bookshelves with books and also a lot of plants. Even bathrooms at this restaurant look great!

Food is delicious, too and not too pricey. :) The option also is HUGE. You can order almost any type of breakfast, sushi, pizzas, pastas,noodles, desserts and cocktails, tea, cofee and alcoholic drinks.

I ordered chicken fillet with cheese and greens in pancakes with a sauce. It tasted very good. 

For the dessert I had this beautiful strudel with chocolate, ice-cream and strawberries. :) (yummy)

And also I drank a very tasty tea called 7 samurais. It's so TASTY that I can even drink it without sugar. But unfortunately I can't find this tea in any other restaurants and shops.

 So, if you'll ever find yourself in Riga you should definately go to this restaurant, try 7 samurais tea and other dishes.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

No Mirror No Brush Makeup Challenge + more | Light as Butterfly

Hi Everybody! :D
I hope this video will make your hard week a little happier and more fun. ;)
Laugh with me and at me! :)

Lots of LOVE!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Book Review: Color Me Confident

"Color Me Confident Change You Look - Change Your Life!" is written by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw. They both work at Colour Me Beautiful that is the recognized leader in personal and corporate image consulting, with over 1000 studios around the world.
 I borrowed this book from my friend thinking I'll find a lot of advice on Do and Don't but this book isn't only about Do and Don't it is also very psychological and help a reader find his own style and image.
 This book gives a lot of tricks on how to apply makeup to hide all that you want to hide and emphasize that you want to emphasize.

It also very detailed explains what colors every skin type should wear and what colors to avoid.

The book has a lot of tests and pictures in it which makes it more interesting to read. :)

 It also has a lot of tips on how to organize your wardrobe, budget, shopping, helps find everyone his own style and explains what to wear and what not to wear in every situation.
 I think this book is very useful because a lot of people don't really know what fits them well and what don't which makes them spend extra money on clothes and makeup when they don't really need it. This book will HELP! 
 I also really like this quote by Coco Chanel that was mentioned in the book: "The badly dressed woman, people remember the clothes. With a well-dressed woman, they remember the woman."

Lots of love,
P.S. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so Happy Valentine's Day! And if you're single like me then enjoy your independence and spend this good time with your friends and family! Have fun! :D

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's In My Bag?

 I know that for a lot of people it's a very HARD question what to put and what not to put into the bag and how to keep everything there very organised so you don't get lost in it sometimes. :)
 I've made a list of thing that I ALWAYS take with me no matter where I go. Here it is:

  1. A wallet where you can put all your important cards, money, pills and documents.
  2. A thermo cup or a bottle of water in case you'll want to drink but there will be no supermarket near you.
  3. A chewing gum or a tictac so your breath is always fresh!
  4. A little notebook and a pen to write down some important kind of information. You can't always rely on your gadgets.
  5. A little comb and a scrunchy. Every girl needs it!
  6. A compact makeup bag with ONLY the most important things like:
  • lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm,
  • concealer,
  • powder,
  • a little mirror,
  • and maybe mascara. 
     7. Umbrella in case it will rain.
     8. Keys.
     9. Mobile phone with headphones and a charger.
    10. A little perfume and wipes. 

 I've also made a video about it. I hope I haven't forgotten anything in this post. For more you can check out my hanbag essentials here:

What your bag essentials are? Did I miss anything important?

Lots of love,

<3 <3 <3

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Home/Room Decorations

 I really like to decorate my room and I re-decorate it very often. Here are some my flat's decorations. I hope this will inspire to decorate your room in a new ineteresting way. Some of decorations are hand made by my mother's friend, some are just beautiful souvenirs or gifts from friends. Enjoy and get inspired! :)

It is my favourtie decoration so far. I and my sister decided not to put it off the wall since Christmas because fairy lights  make feel us more comfotable and it is very beautiful. They somehow bring a warmth to our room. We also have a beautiful painting of flowers that bring a little of life to our room as we don't have enough of patience to grow the real flowers.

On a wall beside my desk I've drawn some hearts and also have glued some heart stickers from magazines. These hearts make my mood better and spice up my working place so it's not SO boring to do homework for me.

Also from my desk lamp hangs this little bear with a star. It's very tiny and cute. It doesn't distract me from work but only improves the atmosphere. :) When I'm tired I can just look at this little beautiful thing and get some aesthetic pleasure and then cotinute my work with new inflow of strength.

These heart-shaped mirror-stickers I received from my firend as a Christmas present. I really like them. They decorate my table and at the same time are very helpful in every day life. :)

These decorations I have in a hallway. All of them are hand made. So you can turn on your IMAGINATION and think of how to do something like that for your room/home decorations because it is possible to do it yourself.

These are the decorations at my kitchen. This whate lace sign is a gift. And white colour of it makes the kitchen brighter and more welcoming. 

These are little DIYs at our kitchen that my mother's friend Tasha Bordeaux did. All you need are beautiful paper, maybe some beautiful pictures, glue, scissors, threads, some beads or something like that and other little metal details to make it all hang on your wall. 

This is a little souvenir that also hangs on a wall of our kitchen. I think it is very unique and again white colours bring a little more brightness. :)

Hope, you got inspired!
Send me pics of your home/room decorations!

Lots of love,
<3 <3 <3 

P. S. You can check out my mother's freind Tasha Bordeaux 's home decor and DIY blog here: 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Some Information :)

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 Just a simple infomative post!
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Lots of Love,
<3 <3 <3

Review: Chilli Pepper Eyeshadows

Chilli Pepper is a beautiful set of 9 eyeshadows and 5 lip glosses. All eyeshadows and lipglosses are very sparkly and glittery. Eyeshadows have three shades of blue, one green colour, one black colour, one white and one cream colour and two shades of brown. Lip glosses all are different shades of pink from dirty pink to very light pink. This set also has two double ended eye applicators and a little lip brush. It also has a bug mirror in it and the packaging is very beautiful, too.It has butterflies and beads on the packaging. :) I really like Chilli Pepper. It's comfortable to carry it with you in a bag. The colours it has are more the colours for the stage, special occasions and for photo shoots than for every day life. Colours are super pigmented and it's very easy to apply them. :) The applicators and the brush aren't bad but of course if you have proper brushes better use them. You can find more about it on .

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How To: Easy DIY Bracelets :)

 Today I decided to teach you to do some SUPER EASY DIY bracelets! :)
 I am obsessed with accessories and I think bracelets are the accessories I do all the time myself since I was 7. :D So, yes... And sometimes I just like to share some inspiration... Hope you'll enjoy!

These are the bracelets I did.

Let's start with the first one! It's a BIT harder to do than the second one. : )
What you are going to need:

  • Flexible metal thread
  • Any beads you like
  • Scissors
  1. First step is to cut the thread of a length that is 3 times longer then your wrist so it's enough long. And then put it like you see it in a picture:

2. Then make a knot the way you see it in a picture:

3. Now put your beads on a thread. Like that:

4.Contine to do it until you think that's enough of beads for your bracelet and then make a knot again:

5. Now just connect the two sides the way it's shown on a picture:

YES! Your first bracelet is ready! 
This is how it looks like on a hand:

 The second bracelet is even easier! :D
 This is what you need:
  • Thin Rubber Thread/Bracelet
  • Some beads of your choice
  • Scissors
All you have to do is to cut a thread, put some beads and tie it! And it's ready! :) <3 

Share with me your DIYs pictures of any DIYs you like or have done recently!