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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Home/Room Decorations

 I really like to decorate my room and I re-decorate it very often. Here are some my flat's decorations. I hope this will inspire to decorate your room in a new ineteresting way. Some of decorations are hand made by my mother's friend, some are just beautiful souvenirs or gifts from friends. Enjoy and get inspired! :)

It is my favourtie decoration so far. I and my sister decided not to put it off the wall since Christmas because fairy lights  make feel us more comfotable and it is very beautiful. They somehow bring a warmth to our room. We also have a beautiful painting of flowers that bring a little of life to our room as we don't have enough of patience to grow the real flowers.

On a wall beside my desk I've drawn some hearts and also have glued some heart stickers from magazines. These hearts make my mood better and spice up my working place so it's not SO boring to do homework for me.

Also from my desk lamp hangs this little bear with a star. It's very tiny and cute. It doesn't distract me from work but only improves the atmosphere. :) When I'm tired I can just look at this little beautiful thing and get some aesthetic pleasure and then cotinute my work with new inflow of strength.

These heart-shaped mirror-stickers I received from my firend as a Christmas present. I really like them. They decorate my table and at the same time are very helpful in every day life. :)

These decorations I have in a hallway. All of them are hand made. So you can turn on your IMAGINATION and think of how to do something like that for your room/home decorations because it is possible to do it yourself.

These are the decorations at my kitchen. This whate lace sign is a gift. And white colour of it makes the kitchen brighter and more welcoming. 

These are little DIYs at our kitchen that my mother's friend Tasha Bordeaux did. All you need are beautiful paper, maybe some beautiful pictures, glue, scissors, threads, some beads or something like that and other little metal details to make it all hang on your wall. 

This is a little souvenir that also hangs on a wall of our kitchen. I think it is very unique and again white colours bring a little more brightness. :)

Hope, you got inspired!
Send me pics of your home/room decorations!

Lots of love,
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P. S. You can check out my mother's freind Tasha Bordeaux 's home decor and DIY blog here: