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Friday, 6 February 2015

Review: Chilli Pepper Eyeshadows

Chilli Pepper is a beautiful set of 9 eyeshadows and 5 lip glosses. All eyeshadows and lipglosses are very sparkly and glittery. Eyeshadows have three shades of blue, one green colour, one black colour, one white and one cream colour and two shades of brown. Lip glosses all are different shades of pink from dirty pink to very light pink. This set also has two double ended eye applicators and a little lip brush. It also has a bug mirror in it and the packaging is very beautiful, too.It has butterflies and beads on the packaging. :) I really like Chilli Pepper. It's comfortable to carry it with you in a bag. The colours it has are more the colours for the stage, special occasions and for photo shoots than for every day life. Colours are super pigmented and it's very easy to apply them. :) The applicators and the brush aren't bad but of course if you have proper brushes better use them. You can find more about it on .