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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Real Young Liquid Concealer

  I think you already know that my favourite concealers are the concealers of Rimmel London but recenlty I've decided to try something new. And this is what happened.
  Real Young is a German brand of cosmetics for young girls mostly. It's not too pricey. I also think it's quite new because I haven't been noticing it before but this week I noticed it and decided to try their Liquid Concealer.
  I've bought mine in shade 01 Beige. It's not really my shade but all concealers of my shade were already bought and sometimes I like to use a little lighter concealer under my eyes so I bought this. :)

This is how it looks like.

This concealer doesn't give a 100 % coverage and it really dries skin. But if your skin isn't so much sensitive as mine and doesn't need that much coverage then it might be fine. :)

What is your favourite concealer?

Lots of Love,