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Thursday, 19 February 2015

DIY Accessories

 Recently I've found one old album of mine on facebook. It's been so long ago that I have already forgoten that I had all these pictures of my handmade accessories which I made when I was at the age of 13/14 years old.
 I just decided to share these pictures with you. Maybe it will inspire you to do something creative yourself! I hope it will inspire you! :)

My handmade necklace of threads.

Handmade bows earrings and headband.

Lots of bracelets. Leather, threads, beads...

Handmade knitted gloves. :)

And last but not least a handmade leather wallet. It took me hours and hours to do it but I am satisfied with the resault. It's been with me for years and years and it still is in a good quality.

Lots of Love,