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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival (+ more of this crazy long day) :)

 If you didn't know I study at Riga Cultures Secondary school. And I study a lot of languages at this school. One of these languages is Chinese. Together with learning Chinese we learn traditional Chinese Culture. I think it's very interesting because Chinese Culture is very different from our western culture. And today at University of Latvia all the Latvia's students that study Chinese language had an amazing opporunity to celebrate a Chinese New Year/ Spring Fetsival. It was very interesting. There have been dragon show, magician show, songs, poetry, dances etc. So, yes it was very fun. :D And after it we all were invited to try Chinese food. There have been plenty of food and everybody were very happy and satisfied. :)

Here is a little video of dragon show which is my favourite.

 I also have a magician show video but it's too long so maybe I'll post it later after I'll edit it. :)

I didn't take any picture of food but you can check my classmate's Instagram photo. :)

 And also this evening I've spent a very good time at CofeeInn cafe. If you've never been there then you should definetely go there and try their hot drinks and desserts because it's delicious. My new favourite place to go. :)

My friend Nadine ordered this beautiful coffee with a treble clef of caramel. :)

And I ordered this delicious cheese cake with glaze. *Yummy.*

I hope you also had or will have a good Saturday!

Don't forget to live every day like it's the last!. :)

Lots of Love,