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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How To Be Organised?

 People often ask me how to be succesful and have time to do everything. And I hate when they ask me because the only answer I have is DISCIPLINE! And people hate it! And I am afraid that probably when I answer them with DISCIPLINE they begin hating on me, too because they don't like this word.
 I know it's hard to be organised and lately I've been super unorganised myself but let's think about fun ways to do it! :)
 First. Always follow this rule!!!
 Things to do:
1. Important and urgent.
2. Important and not urgent.
3. Not important but urgent.
4. Not  important and not urgent.

Always do things in this order. Try to evaluate what is important and what is urgent and what isn't.

Second. If you have a bad memory just like me then write things you have to do on the stickers and then hang them everywhere you can so you don't forget to do it. Try to make these stickers very colourful and bold so it would easily attract your attention! :)

Have a planner! Teach yourself to plan time! If you know you have an exam on Monday then may be you shouldn't party all Sunday's evening long but you should better have more time for yourself to study? And again make this planner very colourful and beautiful so planning your day and writing down the important information would become your favourite thing to do! :D

If planning your time is a really hard thing to do for you then you can ask your friends and family for help! You could ask them to always remind you about important things to do until you will do them. You can also make your own self enouraging/incentive system. For example you can promise yourself that you can go and buy yourself an ice-cream ONLY if you do your homework first. :)

And last but not least you always need a MOTIVATION! A prize for doing something isn't a motivation. You have to realize WHY you have to do things you do. If it's hard to be organised at your studies at school then think about that if you won't finish the school with good marks you might not get to university and might never receive a job of your dreams. Think about your MOTIVATION before starting doing something.

I hope this post will help at least a little!

Good luck at being organised and finding your motivation!

Lots of Love,