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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tokyo City Restaurant

 Hi Everybody! :)
 Today I, my Mum and my sister decided to visit Tokyo City Restaurant at Terbatas street 2 in Riga. It is renovated and now looks lovely! Huge halls, comfy chairs, beautiful view in the windows, decor of bookshelves with books and also a lot of plants. Even bathrooms at this restaurant look great!

Food is delicious, too and not too pricey. :) The option also is HUGE. You can order almost any type of breakfast, sushi, pizzas, pastas,noodles, desserts and cocktails, tea, cofee and alcoholic drinks.

I ordered chicken fillet with cheese and greens in pancakes with a sauce. It tasted very good. 

For the dessert I had this beautiful strudel with chocolate, ice-cream and strawberries. :) (yummy)

And also I drank a very tasty tea called 7 samurais. It's so TASTY that I can even drink it without sugar. But unfortunately I can't find this tea in any other restaurants and shops.

 So, if you'll ever find yourself in Riga you should definately go to this restaurant, try 7 samurais tea and other dishes.

Lots of love,