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Friday, 12 December 2014

My Winter Skincare Essentials.

As it gets colder outside it's time to find the right products to save our skin. :)
I'm not going to give you the whole list of all the products I'm using right now, but I'm going to share with you my favorite ones.

  1. Tea Tree Skincare. Cleanser and Toner. Purifies and refines pores for a smooth, clearer-looking complexion. With natural Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils and Aloe Vera Extract. Actually I use it all the time, not only in winter, but it's SO amazing that I couldn't not to share with you. It smells with all the AMAZING ingredients it has. Just already the smell of this toner calms me so much after a long tiring day. :) (Made in the U.K.)
  2. The Body Shop. Shea Body Butter. Body moisturiser. For me it's just AMAZING. One hairdresser suggested me to add a little of shea butter to the ends of my hair for my hair to be more straight and it actually worked. :) (Made in the U.K.)
  3. Natura SIBERICA. Cosmetics of wild herbs and flowers. Day cream. Protection and hydration for sensitive skin. Using this cream I 100% feel that my skin is protected and this is AMAZING. :) (Born in Siberia)
But what are your favorite winter skin essentials?