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Monday, 22 December 2014

Which one is better?

 I've decided to make a review about different cosmetics that I use and share with you which one of products I think is better and why. Let's get started. :)

This year I used two BB creams. They both are amazaing. Maybelline DreamFresh BB Cream really makes skin look fresher but it doesn't hide redness and spots. I use it when my skin looks good but I need protection if the sun and want my skin to look a bit more fresher. Garnier BB cream is more pigmented, it hides spots and redness and gives face a little bit of a fake tan. I Garnier's BB cream I really need to coverblemishes I even use it instead of a foundation. My skin doesn't get irritated by these BB creams so I don't have any skin problems after using them. They have three shades of it: light, medium and dark. I use medium.

So when we talk about mascaras I must say I am a Maybelline's fan but sometimes I try other brands, too. This time I decided to try Catrice cosmetics. I used Catrice Glamour Doll mascara and Catrice Better Then False Lashes volume mascara. I must say I love Better Than False Lashes more because it seperates lashes better and gives more volume. Glamour Doll didn't do that great job and after a few months got very dry and a brush just broke with no reason. :-/

I am not very good at using eye liners but sometimes I try my best at it. I used Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. Must say I didn't really notice it to be waterpoof and using it this pen is very uncomfortable. Even though I didn't use it much after a few months it got very dry and stopped painting.:-/  The next eye liner I used is Rimmel London Exaggerate eye liner. I am a big fan of Rimmel London because it's not too pricey and quality always is very good. Even though I am not a master at using eye liner I found using this one very easy and it stays for a long time. :) I would strongly recommend to give  it a shot. 

So, after using makeup we all need eye make-up removers because skin around eyes is tender and easily irritated. I used two Garnier products. Garnier Express 2 in 1 and Granier Fresh Essentials. I like more Garnier Fresh Essentials because it takes makeup off very well and it quite leaves your skin moisturised and fresh. Garnier Express 2 in 1 leaves my skin very dry and irritated and doesn't takes  off makeup that good as Garnier Fresh Essentials. So vote goes to Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye  Make-up Remover. :)

Probably right now this is it. 
You can share your favourites with me. 
Maybe you have some better alternatives to what I use?
Love <3