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Monday, 11 January 2016

Why Difficulties Are Important?

  Hello Everybody!
  Recently I've come to a very interesting conclusion that difficulties are incredibly IMPORTANT to have a successful life. If you don't face difficulties you'll never succeed in anything.
  I just don't understand it myself. Why when I have my vacations I can NEVER find time to blog and be creative and do something cool. I just simply don't feel inspired at those moments. When I have holidays I focus on spending quality time with my friends and family and try to have the best time of my life and have fun. There is just no space to sit down and make my brain work to do something for my blog or my YouTube channel. (Of course sometimes I write gratitude posts influenced by all the positive emotions I get but it's not like that and most of the time after a great day I would just fall asleep in one second and will never remember to blog about it). But when I go to school (the place that stresses me out) I suddenly feel all inspired to blog and to do something more creative than just to sit behind a desk studying.
   Probably you just can't find inspiration until something kind of pushes you to seek it. Like when I was on holidays I had nothing serious to worry about, I was just enjoying the magic of Christmas, the celebrations, family/friends time, enjoying life altogether and was always busy with a lot of little things I had to do.... that I could not push myself to work though I had lots of awesome ideas that still haven't been brought to life yet... and I don't know when I'll be able to make all of my ideas happen in real life... I just have too many and they come too fast... But now as I am back at school I enjoy every single minute I can blog during the breaks because it helps me to escape from the real life and real problems I have to face.
  I don't mean to say that we should only have bad things happen to us to feel inspired to write or do anything creative. When I have too many difficulties or a job that leaves me squeezed like a lemon every day it doesn't inspire me either. I think there just should be a balance of things. When you have nothing to worry about it's bad. And when all you do is worrying it is bad, too.
  Just remember every time you face difficulties it means you're just about to rise higher if you don't give up. When we face something unpleasant it just makes us want to do things we love better because we LOVE these things. And when nothing challenges us we relax and don't see the point of trying to do what we love qualitatively and to work harder. :-)