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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cool Weather Outfits

 Hello Everybody!
 The snow have melted. Spring is coming slowly. But still it's not warm enough for me so I am making this cool weather outfits post about my favourite clothes I like to wear in late autumn or in early spring. :)
 Even when it's cold I like to keep my outfits warm an cosy but still girly and pretty. And to keep myself warm I wear all of these outfits with tight leggings.

 This outfit I usually wear to school. Probably the stripes make me feel businesslike. The sweater is from House. It may look very warm but it isn't. Even in summer evening I would get cold in it so it's better to wear a neutral t-shirt under it. This sweater is also see through so an underneath t-shirt is a good idea. The fabric it's made of is very very soft that's why I bought it. :) And the skirt I got from my sister and it says AMISU on a label. I like this skirt because it doesn't get rumpled so I don't have to iron it. I wear it all the time.

 I really like this outfit because it just looks so warm and colourful. And there are these cute cats or foxes on a dress. (How do you think are these cats or foxes? I think foxes. My mum thinks cats.) The dress is from Lavand. It's 100% polyester so for me it feels very soft. And the orange shirt underneath is from Esprit.

 It's another dress and a shirt set. Both of them are from Promod. Actually I think Promod usually have a lot of outfits that remind me of France and French fashion but this dress with its pattern remind my parents more of Scandinavian style. It's also a very businesslike outfit so I wear it at school, too or when I go to kind of important serious meetings. I really like this pink colour. It's very soft, warm and girly. <3

 For all of these outfits I usually wear these earrings. The bigger ones are from Centro and the smaller ones are just usual little pearl earrings that I've received as a gift. These earrings go very well with a lot of outfits so I use them daily.

 This outfit is very similar to the first one. Same skirt. But the top is different. It's a warmer oversize sweater. My dad brought it from the USA because it cost like only 1 or 5 dollars. Well in Latvia you would never find a sweater for that low price so he bought it and gave it to me. First I didn't like it. It seemed way too oversize but then after some washes it has become smaller and I've realised it's actually very cosy so now I'm wearing it almost every day. The label says Croft & Barrow. The pattern is very simple. I like to style it with some accessories. Little pearl earrings I've showed you also go very well with this outfit. ;) And the red colour itself gives a lot of energy and power when days are grey and cloudy and you feel like you just sleep with open eyes all days long of this super long work week.

  This last outfit is more a festive one. I rarely wear it. I think these very detailed accurate patterns is what makes it so festive and also a little cut out in front. This is from M.Mix. And it may not look like that but this dress is actually very very warm. So if you want to look festive you don't always need a fluffy dress, patterns also mean a lot. This pattern remind me of East, I think. And the combination of blue and brown is also an unexpected but beautiful. :)

 So, this is it for today's post. Which outfit is your favourite?

lots of love