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Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Outfits Ideas :)

 Hello Everybody!
 I hope everyone of you know that a couple of days ago I've uploaded a new video on youtube called "Spring Lookbook 2015". I must say it is the most interesting and fun video I've ever filmed and I am very proud of it. And also thank you very much for the very positive feedback on my YT channel, twitter, facebook and more. :)
 So I've decided to show you some pictures from this lookbook and explain you more my style and why I love wearing it.

So, the first outfit is very casual for a cold weather. My white scarf is from H&M. Creamy leather jacket from CAMAIEU. I am also wearing high waisted jeans and creamy platform shoes.

Long hair don't care!

Smile! It's cold! :)

Sun :) :) :)

Swing set. My favourites place in the world.

Thumbs up.

Back to the children garden. :D

In the second outfit I've changed only the top. I am wearing a blue shirt that I mentioned in my previous post called "Spring Essentials". Blue is a good color for spring I think.

In my first outfit under the jacket I was wearing a pink top from CAMAIEU and the jewellery that is a gift so I have no idea where is it from. As you can see I love bold accessories and I'm not afraid to wear them in my everyday life. This necklace looks very pretty and it shines in the sun.

Pretending I am "cool".

What am I doing with my hair?

This headband I bought in Croatia as a souvenir and I love wearing it. It looks well with any outfit.

All in all the third outfit is a little bit more girly and I prefer wearing girly style clothes than sporty style. But even if you prefer sporty style you still need some dresses in your wardrobe for more official or festive events. I love this dress because it's very comfy, warm and the material is very soft. A perfect dress for everyday wearing especially if it's not really warm outside.

The last outfit was a floral skirt from Zara and a simple top with a tiny necklace with a key pendant on it. :)
You know I think spring and summer is the right time for floral, floral, floral themed outfits and accessories. And this one is very girly, too. 

So, that's it.
In all the outfits I was wearing Rimmel London 111 Kiss of Life bright red lipstick and the same shoes. :)

 You can also check out the video to see more and fully enjoy the beauty, outfits and music:

Lots of Love,