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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Like a Roller Coaster

 Sometimes life is like a huge roller coaster. Or maybe not sometimes but... always? Maybe sometimes there are just more peaceful periods of life and sometimes the roaler coaster goes up or down for a very long time and sometimes it feels like ups and downs change each other so fast that you might get tired of it. I can't say which period of the journey is the best but I know for sure that nobody likes when there happen things that bring us down in real life. But the good news is that roller coaster sooner or later will go up anyway. :)

This picture is not taken by me.

 Lately my life was full of intense ups and downs all the time. I am glad that when I had a little moment of being down I didn't loose faith that it all is going to be better one day and the "ups" came very fast because I believed they will. :) Sometimes those ups and downs are very big but sometimes they are small that we face daily. DOWNS might steal our joy but we should not let them do it. We should patiently wait for UPS and look for something we can be happy and thankful about.

  I can give you some little examples from my own life over the last weeks. For example last week I failed in one competition because I was way too nervous about it and felt sick. I didn't win anything there and didn't show the best of me in my performance as I know I could. It did make me very upset. But later that day I found out I have over 100 subscribers now on my YouTube channel. It made me very happy and the new joy made me completely forget about my failure. Then later that week I've received one very important document for me and found out my last name was spelt wrong. Maybe that's a little problem but it made me very upset because if you receive an important document with the wrong last name it feels almost like you didn't receive anything. I won't be able to prove it's mine anyway. So I was sad. But later that same day I've received another document which was even more important than the first one and there my last name was spelt correctly. So, I was happy again and forgot about the other document. Sometimes it happens. Things that make us sad or happy happen very close to each other. Later that same week I actually found out my performance wasn't so bad and I've received a diploma and a little consolation prize as I didn't win the competition. :) If you don't let your little failures bring you down they won't bring you down. It's you who controls your attitude. And it's only you on whom depends your happiness.

  Just remember there are always greater things that wait for you round the corner. 

Lots of Love,