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Friday, 1 May 2015

Just Talk

  Sometimes all you really need is a good talk. Keeping everything inside of you is not good. It doesn't matter if those are positive or negative emotions or thoughts you are keeping inside of you it still makes your life harder if you never share what you think with other people.
  I have had one of those talks lately. And a person I shared it with was not one of my best or even close friends. Sometimes people that seem a little bit different and people that others may not like because they just don't understand them turn out to be the best people to talk with and great listeners. Seriously. Just because other people aren't the same like you does not make them bad. In fact none of my best friends have never listened to me so attentively as that person did. I think things like that happen because most of the time you and your best friend may have different interests and then with some time your best friend just gets tired of listening to you when you talk about those things that are very important to you just because your best friend is not actually that much interested in it. 

I have taken this picture today earlier. Just a reminder that we should love each other. :)

  But the person I had a very good talk with was someone I was afraid to talk with because everybody thought that person is a weirdo so when I met that person I already had that stereotype in my head which was completely false. That person turned out to be a very nice person and it has turned out that we have a lot in common like common hobbies and thoughts. It has turned out that that person actually knows about existence of my blog and my YouTube channel so that person asked me lots of questions about it, my future plans and my dreams. And for me it was such a relief because I really needed to talk about it with someone for a really long time but none of my friends seemed to be interested in talking about it. Everybody cared more about their own teenagers' problems like boyfriends, girlfriends, school, parents etc. 
  I felt so happy that I finally got a chance to talk about it and I do not regret it. Things that others were saying about that person were a lie. So instead of allowing others to affect what you think think for yourself and make your own conclusions.
  And just talk... talk about the things that worry with people it will make you much less worried and more happier.