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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Review: Titanic the Exhibition

 From March 27th 2015 it is possible to visit Titanic the Exhibition in Riga. And last week I and my classmates used this amazing opportunity to skip some lessons and we did not stay unsatisfied.
 Before going to the exhibition I was wondering how is it going to be like. Will I really feel myself like at a huge ship? Or maybe it will be another boring exhibition with lots of useless information and lack of visual elements? Or will I feel myself like in the movie during the exhibition?
  The answer is that the exhibition was AMAZING! There was enough of interesting information I didn't know about Titanic and its passengers. In the beginning everyone received a ticket with the name of a passenger and their short biography. At the end of the exhibition we could find out if the passenger whose ticket we received survived or not.
This is how the ticket looks like.

 The thing that I liked the most is that it really felt like on the Titanic at this exhibition. I don't know if it was allowed to take pictures but I want to show you some that I have taken.
  I started to feel myself like I was on the Titanic when I got to the long white corridor. I immediately remembered the scene from the movie where Rose is running at the same corridors trying to find Jake. This corridor was very long, bright and white and beautifully decorated with little lamps and a red carpet. I can't really describe how I felt when I was passing it but it was wonderful. I could imagine myself being a first class passenger of the greatest ship in the world. 

  The main stairs was a second thing that really impressed me. Again it really felt like in the movie. And there also were real photographs and cards that showed how the actual stairs and dining room looked like hundred of years ago. I must say the reproduction and what I saw in those pictures were very similar.

Do you remember the moment how Rose is looking at Jake from the stairs? Or maybe that moment did not exist in the movie?

Unfortunately, you can't see how beautiful was the chandelier above the stairs.

  I also saw how the rooms of first, second and third class looked like. Of course first class rooms were the most beautiful ones but I would not like to live in the room like that. It's a little bit too old fashioned for me and too heavy. I prefer more simple and light things. Like instead of having a huge wooden chair I would prefer a small plastic one. And I also like lighter colours than everything brown, red and golden in my bedroom. :P

  The last thing that I loved from the exhibition was the deck and fake stars sky. There also was playing the sounds of the waves. It was so nice. It made me feel very calm. It felt like I was actually sailing and I literally wanted to stay there forever. There was a bench so you could take a sit and rest for a little while.
The fake stars sky.

  As we got closer to the end of the exhibition it started getting sadder. There was a lot of information about how Titanic was sinking and about deaths. Lucky me my passenger survived but unfortunately my passenger's friends didn't. 
  We also saw the costumes of  Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and other actors for the movie. They were beautiful. And did you know the fun fact that at the last moment somehow everybody forgot to hang the clocks on the walls so not to leave the walls naked they decided to hang the mirrors everywhere where there was supposed to be a mirror.
  All in all I really liked the exhibition. I felt myself like on a little trip, like in the movie and like really on the Titanic. I would highly recommend to visit this exhibition. You will receive incredible feelings walking on the Titanic.

 What was the last exhibition you visited and were very satisfied about it?

Lots of Love,