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Sunday, 24 May 2015

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day): For a Rainy Day

 Hi Everybody!
 I am SO glad to announce that from this day will start 7 days of OOTD on my blog! :D I am super excited as I have never done any OOTD before but I hope you'll like it. I had so much FUN during the photo shoot with my friend Sveta Guseva who has taken pictures of all the outfits. (Btw, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @Svetiik17 because her photos are AMAZING)

 Now let's move on to the outfit. Even though it's nearly summer here in Latvia it still may rain a lot sometimes. So the first outfit is more for a rainy or cold day.

Coat: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Camaieu
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Romeo Bettini (Don't remember the shop)
Leather wallet: Made by me.
Sunglasses: CroppTown
Earrings: I have no idea. It's a present.
Ring: Bought somewhere in Turkey at the street market.

Rimmel London lipstick 111 Kiss of Life
Rival de Loop Maximum Eyes Mascara

  So, about the outfit. As you know my favourite colour is red. It's very obviously seen in these pictures as well. :) I just think when you have a rainy grey day it's better to spice it up with some more colourful clothes and then you immediately feel better and happier. The coat is very comfortable. I really like the buttons. They make it more stylish I think. The sleeves are only 3/4.I really like the way my sunglasses and ring make it more fun to wear and more festive. As I also have already said in one of my videos I like that these shoes have beads and small details. It all makes these shoes more special and interesting. :) And also matching colours make it look a lot more harmonised. 
  I hope it will inspire you to dress up more in rainy days!
  Good luck!
 If you have any outfit ideas for rainy days you can send pictures or suggestions in comments below. It will be fun to find out what you would like to wear in a rainy day.

Lots of Love,