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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Little Things That Make Me Happy

  Hi Everybody!
 I think my every reader would agree to the fact that we're all people and we all get sad sometimes or go through a hard time or feel lonely. Things like those happen. Some people go through this phase of life more often and longer and for some people it's not that big of a problem but we all face moments like that when we feel sad.
  What I like to do to get rid of this feeling is just to stay alone for some time and just think. Think about every little thing that makes me happy or every little thing I am just grateful about.
  So here is the list of things that make me happy right now:

  1. Sweet Tea. I love tea. I love drinking it and getting warm inside or drinking it, relaxing and thinking about how life is beautiful and unpredictable.
  2. Listening to my favourite songs while I am on the road to the school and imagining myself in another world.
  3. Sun. Clear sky and white clouds that are very high and do not predict rain. (I always have loads of pictures of that kind of the sky on my phone :P)
  4. Water. Walking by the river or along the beach near the sea makes me very happy. When I hear the sound of the waves it immediately makes me much calmer. It helps me to relax. I used to have the sound of the waves and seagulls on my phone so whenever I feel stressed I could listen to it. :)
  5. Rain. Even though a lot of people hate rain I love it. It makes me feel more comfortable. Reminds me of me being little and hiding under the blanket with my dolls when I heard the rainstorm outside the window. Under my blanket with my dolls I always felt so cosy and safe. When I walk under rain I always remind myself that I'll get home and there the usual cup of tea will be more precious than usually because I am cold. And that feeling when you get home wet and then take a hot shower... I don't know... I just feel good about it. Rain makes me appreciate home more. <3
  6. Talking with cats and birds. I know it sounds crazy but I do talk with cats and birds when I go for a walk. And you know what? I actually think they understand me. And they don't interrupt me. And I can tell them everything that is in my soul and feel relieved afterwards. And I can hug a cat (of course if it's a home cat) and feel much better after that.
  7. Watching the stars and the moon in the sky. And just wondering how great is the maker of the Universe. :)
  8. Reading a good book and feeling like the main character has become your best friend. Reading books makes me happy because I feel like I've been to the whole new world after I've read a book.
  9. ADVENTURES. Exploring, travelling and meeting new people. I am always very curious about everything. Doing new things is my favourite hobby. Life is too short. Hiding in your room and being sad just because something bad has happened to you doesn't worth it. It's better to overcome your fear and go outside your comfort zone. Take a risk, take a chance and see what may happen to you and to your life. Forget about what has been in the past and live with TODAY.
This is a cat I've met a few days ago on the street. It made me very happy. We had a very nice talk. Meow. I'd like to take it home but unfrotunately I am not allowed. :P

  I hope you don't think that I am a completely MAD or CRAZY person now. In fact I actually hope that some of my little things will inspire you and maybe they will also make you happy.
  Try to write that kind of list for yourself and maybe share some your little things that make you happy in the comments! I am sure it will help lots of those who will read this blogpost and it for sure will help me. :)

 Lots of Love,