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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring Essentials and Being Healthy

  Hello Everybody!
  As you can see by the name of this blogpost I'm going to talk about things that are my MUST HAVE during the Spring and also want to talk a little bit about a healthy lifestyle.  :) I hope you won't mind if today I'll start particularly with health as I think it's very important and then we will move on to fashion, beauty and all other fun stuff. :)


P.S. This pic isn't taken by me.

  So, personally I think that spring is a GREAT time of the year to start living a healthy lifestyle if you haven't already started living it. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I haven't been living a super healthy lifestyle lately but I am planning and thinking of the ways to change that.
  First of all, as we are talking about spring essentials, I think that it's very important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because during the long winter your organism more likely didn't receive lots of vitamins and became weak as you didn't see much sun.
  Second is of course getting fit. I think lots of people start doing more physical activities when spring comes as it gets warmer and everybody are preparing their bodies for wearing less of clothes in the summer. I just want to remind you that paying lots of money for the gym isn't the only way to get fit. There are also other options that you can do inside or outside the house like running, jogging, swimming, doing gymnastics etc. ( by the way, starting doing more Sport activities is a great excuse to go and buy some more sporty style clothes for the trainings ;) ). I think physical activities not only help you to get fit but it also make you a happier person because your mind just  gets refreshed after doing that and it also helps to deal with stress. Even a long walk on a fresh air !SOME OXYGEN! will help you a lot to get through the day and think of new creative ideas or new ways to solve a problem you are facing.
  I also think drinking a lot of WATER is very important because it makes your skin look better and eating more of healthy food is important, too because junk food can also be a reason why people feel down or weak and it's just completely not healthy for your physical health as well. And if you want to get fit faster than healthy  eating will also HELP A LOT.

 I could write even more but let's leave it for the other blogpost that will be 100% dedicated to healthy lifestyle and move on to the other topics...


  I think spring is all about the floral themed accessories and outfits.
 As soon as sun will come out I'm going to start wearing my favourite floral sunglasses that I felt in love with from the first look. They just add even to the most boring outfit so much JOY, ENERGY and "COOLNESS". I always feel very happy when I wear them. I also think these sunglasses can give you some extra self-confidence, too because they just look so COOL. :)


  Next of accessories that I am definitely going to wear are my all time favourite long and big earrings. Long earrings also give me more confidence as it feels like you have some extra hair that just look so pretty. Probably I also hope that with long earrings people will pay less attention on my hair as I don't really like my hair but earrings will make the whole look just look prettier. :) 

The earring in the middle is from Greece, the green one is from the USA and the one under them is hand made my me. You can find a tutorial on that on my earlier blogposts. :)

  Also for accessories I like wearing little cute bracelets. 

This one is from Uganda (a gift from the friend) and it is my favourite bracelet to wear.

  Also I tend to change my perfume choice in the spring from sweet/candy scents to more fresh and floral scents.

This one is called TOUS H2O. And it just has a very simple fresh scent. I think I'll be wearing this perfume through the whole spring. :)

And from clothing my favourite things to wear in the spring are loose shirts and floral skirts. :) I also like the floral headbands.

The skirt is from ZARA.

I don't remember where from this shirt is but on the label it says Elvine.


  In the spring I like to choose pastel and neutral (especially grey) colours. So for my nails more likely I will be using my old favourite Physicians Formula nail polishes in nude colours. And for my eyeshadow I'll be wearing more of pinkish colours maybe from the same Physicians Formula palette but only more in pinkish shades.

  And for my lips I like to change my dark wintery lipsticks to baby pink lipsticks, nude lipsticks and start wearing more lip glosses than lipsticks in general.

My all time favourite lip gloss Dzintars HIT.


  And again changing sweet candy scent of candles to more fresh and floral.

  Spring is a great time to start CLEANING the house if you haven't done it in a while. My advice is before starting cleaning just plan what and how much do you want/need to clean so it won't be like you thought it will take a few minutes and then it took the whole weekend and you feel upset about it. It's better to plan your time for cleaning before starting it and be ready that it might take more than just one hour or one day. And once you're ready just satisfy all of yourself to cleaning and tidying the house with no regrets. :)
 The last thing is sorting out your wardrobe. Here is the great advice so many people have taught me and advice I have never followed but should. ;)

 You need 3 piles.
In pile number 1 you put clothes you 100% sure you will keep.
In pile number 2 you put the clothes that you might keep.
In pile number 3 - clothes that must go away.

How You Decide.

  •  Is it the right colour? Is it the right style? If on both questions you answered 'YES' then it goes in pile number 1.
  • If there is something wrong with it can it be altered or worn differently to make it work? If it can, it goes in pile 2.
  • If it's the wrong colour and the wrong style it goes in pile number 3.
  • If it's not your current size and you haven't worn it for a year it goes in pile number 3.
  Pile 1 - Clothes you keep.
  Pile 2 - Is it worth it? Are you ready or do you want to solve the problems with it?
  Pile 3 - Give away.

Happy Spring!

I hope you enjoyed this super long, informative and full of pictures blogpost. If you did then share it with your friends.
I definitely enjoyed writting it. :)

Lots of Love,