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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Autumn/Winter Fashion Inspiration

 Hi guys!
 I've just got a cold because I weren't wearing appropriate clothes for a cold weather we have know. So I'm thinking of some ideas not to let this happen again. Perhaps I should buy some more warm clothes :)
Beneath each inspirational photo that I took from Google there is a comment which I wrote mostly just for myself...
Get inspired!
Casual style. But not everybody can wear these sweaters in such a cool way as she does.

So girly, but not for a very cold weather.

Amazing! I so like the color! : D But probably I would never dare to wear that kind of bracelet.

This is my favorite! So cool!

So good for every day wearing.

Looks nice but in autumn/winter I can't stand wearing coats that you can't zip or button up. It may be very windy sometimes and I don't want to get a cold again.

This is very cute. But probably those french style caps are not for everybody.

Casual style.

It looks very cute but when it's really cold then for sure you should wear a coat, too. ;)

I've never had anything like that. But I'm very interested in trying to wear something like that.

Very beautiful. Especially the bottom is fire! And all together it looks very stylish. The necklace is very pretty. :)

My kind of style.

Very cool. The scarf! And the boots! Amazing!