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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Made In the A.M.

 Hello, Everybody!
 Can we just take a minute to say how AMAZING the new One Direction's album Made In the A.M. is. Seriously, I wasn't even expecting anything that awesome as that. It's incredible! 
 Guys has grown up SO MUCH. The music by itself has got so much better that I am not ashamed to say I am a Directioner. One Direction now is officially a good choice to listen to not only for the teenagers but also for an older generation. The new album just sounds so great and fresh. So many beautiful musical transitions. The rhythm, the beat, the intonations, the voices, literally everything is PERFECT! <3 The lyrics also didn't lose its beauty. I would say the lyrics have got even deeper than before. I LOVE IT!

 My favourite song is Infinity so far but of course I love all of them. Just I think Infinity is the most epic one. It's a kind of song I can listen to forever. When I am asleep, when I am on the road, when I am sad and when I am happy.  :) Especially I like the part of the song that says: "How many nights have you wished someone would stay? Lie awake only hoping they're okay". I can totally relate to that. I just know how it feels like. And I am not talking only about romantic relationships. I am talking about relationships in general. Sometimes people that are close to you walk away from your life and never tell you why. It hurts even more than when people actually tell the reason. It keeps you thinking about it all the time. What have I done wrong? What is wrong with me? Why did they leave? Why we can't get back to the old days? It is torturing. And most of the time those things happen so suddenly that it strikes you. You keep wondering what had happened and whether the other person miss you too the same much as you miss him/her. In my life I've experienced it with my really close best friends tons of time. Everything would be alright, I'd thought we're bonded forever and then they just decide to leave. And when you try to reach out for them they run away or ignore you or say that it's complicated and that they can't explain. When it happens it always makes me feel very very sad maybe even more than sad - broken. I always wish we could just talk things through because I am a huge optimist and a believer in miracles and endless second chances but apparently some people aren't. And you just have got to live with it. And get used to the fact that people can easily walk into your life and get close to you and then they can just leave... I hope I will never be the person who would make someone else feels like that because I know this miserable feeling way too well. This is why Infinity is my favourite song. I really do lie awake and think about every single person that dropped me and hope that they okay because even though I can be angry with them for a while I still love each one of them and feel sad that they have decided to quit. 
 You  know if you have ever been in the same situation or you are in the same situation right now then all you can really do is to let it go and keep going, focus on something that truly matters to you like family (family always will help :) ) or on what you love doing (I always love spending more time on Arts and self-development at that time). And just believe me with time God will give you better people around you than those that have left you. Believe. :)
 This is it for today. I hope you don't mind that I got a little bit personal and emotional today. 
love you <3
love you <3
love you <3