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Thursday, 10 March 2016

5 Ways To Start Living An Active Lifestyle

  For me there is nothing sadder than to live my day in vain. A meaningless day. A day when you have done nothing useful and haven't made yourself or others happy. I HATE these days. I want every day to be filled with meaning and have little victories every day. It's much more interesting to live your life then when every day you achieve some goals.
  But I know from my own experience that sometimes when you are a student or you really have to work hard at your job then you come back home and you're dead... just completely dead... then you don't get enough of sleep and you feel so tired and don't want to do anything. It makes you feel depressed, stressed and unhappy. I know it.
  I think the thing is still to keep doing something that you like and that make you happy even when you feel tired because as soon as you will start doing that thing your enthusiasm will make you forget about your tiredness and you'll feel happy again. 
  However, it's still hard to motivate ourselves to live an active lifestyle in the 21st century. So here are my 5 tips that give me inspiration to be more active. :)

   1. Read a motivational book or listen to motivational speakers!
  The little truths that all the motivational speakers and authors teach are very simple. But it's not enough to just know the truth. You need someone to remind you about it from time to time. It's like a bonfire. If you do not add new firewood to the bonfire from time to time it will stop burning. Same in relationships: if you stop spending quality time with your friends your friendship fades in time.
  The last motivational book I've read is 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler. The true story is that when I started reading this book I was so stressed at school that my every bone and muscle was aching from pain because I would never get enough of sleep and would never relax. But reading this book reminded about how a positive way of thinking can change your life. As soon as I started thinking positively about every situation I had at school I stopped being so stressed out. The back ache ceased in the moment I decided to stay positive and be happy. It was an AMAZING feeling. I do not lie!!!
  So find your author or speaker! 

  2. Listen to the motivational music!
If you listen to the sad songs all the time you will also feel sad and being sad does not motivate many people. So find some music that motivates you to get up and work. Music that makes you feel happy. And listen to it and sing along loudly early in the morning before you start your day even if you don't feel like that. As soon as you'll start your brain will remember the happy feelings it associates with the song and you'll be energised for the whole day! You can find my playlist here.
  3. Do some physical exercises!
  As it's been already said by many people the best rest for your body is not lying in front of the TV for hours it's changing your action. If you've been sitting at your desk for 8 hours then the best relaxation to your body would be something active. Go for a walk or run and after 15 minutes you'll feel better. And when your body feels good you are more motivated to do something than when you feel tired. I personally like to do stretching and gymnastics because it's something you can do without living the house.
  4. Visualise!
 Visualise your goals and your dreams! You can draw or do a collage or find pictures that visualise your dreams and goals on the Internet and then put them at the places where you will be able to see them. For example right now on my computer's desktop I have a picture that says: "Adventure awaits". It makes me believe that my life is an adventure and it also makes me want to do something to make it adventurous. Do you understand the idea? Put these notes, pictures and drawings all over you and your brain will do the work when it sees them! The more your brain will get these images the more you will be able to believe that your goals are possible to achieve. ;-)

  5. Surround yourself with positive friends that will believe in you, motivate you and inspire you!
  You are the average of 5 people you spend most of your time with. If you spend your time with people that are pessimistic and drag you down all the time then it's not worth it. It's better to be alone then with friends that keep you from reaching you potential...reaching your dreams. Trust me there is no need to be afraid. With some time you'll find the friends that will  support you and understand you. And I think this would be many times a healthier friendship than the first option. Life is too short to waist it on people that keep you from being happy and fully satisfied with your life.

P.S. I've read something like that our brain can only work if it gets oxygen. The more oxygen the better our brain works. To get more oxygen we need to breathe deeply. To make our lungs take deep breaths and be healthy we can do sport like running or swimming. So this is a little life hacker. :P