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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Birthday Memories & Gifts 2016

 Hello Everybody!
 Last week I've celebrated my 19th birthday and I wanted to share some memories with you before it all faded away. :) ( and by the way today is my brother's birthday so we are about to make some more memories)
 Honestly I think with every year my birthdays become better and better and I become a happier and more grateful person. God has really blessed me a lot. If I am not counting my 16th birthday when I decided not to celebrate (all teenagers sometimes go through this phase when they think celebrating a birthday is not worth it) all of my birthdays were much fun. And this year I had another girls party with pizza, old city walks and hot coffee drinks.
These are my beautiful girls <3

 I made everyone write me some wishes in my journal and most of them wished me a good marriage, lots of travelling and also to be always in a good relationships with God and never stop searching for more. I think that's all is very cute. :) Then I also made them tell funny stories about me and it was nice to be reminded of some awkward silly stories I've already forgotten from years ago at school and also in all the other places. I have already forgotten that when I was fifteen it was okay for me to go to an island and film a video where I scream that I love 1D and later also call myself a little penguin. LOL. :D

 The pizza was yummy and it all was very cosy. Girls also showed how much they know me by the gifts giving. Everything was so girly and cute. But unfortunately one gift slipped from my fingers and got a little bit broken. Then it was very cold outside so the flowers died, too and I felt very sorry and guilty about that. I hope the girls aren't angry with me for that. I've also received some gift cards so I can buy some new makeup/books/clothing so maybe in the future there will be new haul blog posts because my salary has already been wasted on a new mobile telephone (can you imagine on my last telephone the camera broke so I couldn't take any pictures for my Instagram at all *super sad emoji* but now thanks to God I have Huawei P8 Lite and its camera is AMAZING) :D
Me taking a picture with a dying flower. <3

  I also wanted to show you some beauty/body care gifts I've got.
 First is this Stenders Oranges Soap which smells amazing. It gives me a Christmas feeling and the packaging is very very beautiful. There are flowers, straw and even a piece of cinnamon inside the box. Pretty.

 If you've never tried Stenders body care products then you're missing a lot. It's all organic and has nice scents.
 Second is this very sweet shower cream. It is sweet vanilla and madeleine scented. WARNING! it is very very sweet and if you prefer fresh scents then perhaps this is not for you. But the packaging is also very beautiful - vintage style like.

 And the last is this cute package of Palmolive body care products. They also smell very fresh and if to be honest Palmolive( +I also like Superdrug brand shower gels and shampoos) shower gels are my favorite so the one who was giving this to me hit the target. ;)

 I think this is it. Thanks to everyone who made this day special to me! And I'll see you in my next post!
 Lots of love,