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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Making A Hard Decision

 Hello Everybody!
 This year is my last year at school... You are right, it is sad... at least for me... I wish I never grew up. You know, I sometimes like to come to the school and instead of immediately going to the lessons I go, hide in the lockers' room and drink some tea or come to the lessons and draw in my notebooks all day instead of learning. Or just talk with teachers about life. I understand that at work I will not be able to do that but I enjoy these little moments of happiness at school. However as the final examinations are coming this is the time for all the senior students to decide which path do they want to go in their life. It's time to step into the "big" world as the teachers say.

 Many of my friends already know what they want to study and where, and some of them have even already prepared everything for the university applications. I admire these people. I know plenty of students who have decided what they want to do in their life when they were about nine or ten years old and nothing has changed since then. They are pursuing their dreams. For me the lives of these people are already perfect because they at least know what they want to study in university, they have a plan for their life.
 I am one of those who likes to do many things at the same time, has many hobbies and is interested in many subjects. It is very hard for me to decide what professional career I want to have. I realize that there is not much time but I have a plan. I will share with you some of my ideas about how to make a hard decision when you are in doubt and will try to remember these points myself.
  1. Organise a lottery for only you!
  I like to write all of my options down on the small pieces of paper. I mix them together and with the closed eyes I pick up only one piece of paper. Then I simply do what it says me to do. I know this is very risky to make vital decisions this way but well maybe in some cases when it is a very desperate situation it is acceptable.
  2. Make a research of the universities, their programs and also the market! How much does the education cost? Do I have the abilities to study that? Will I be able to find a job after I graduate?
  3. Write down your likes and dislikes! Identify your priorities in life! If you want a very active life style then probably a programmer is not the best profession for you because their job is more sedentary. And if you want a sedentary life style than a sports career perhaps is not for you.
  4. Talk to your parents! They are the ones who know you better than anybody because they have been watching you since the day you were born. They know your weak and your strong characteristics. Perhaps they have seen your early interests in some of the areas and can remind you of that and  give you some piece of advice.
  5. Go to a career consultation or take a career test! I have these consultations in my school but still have not used it because I am very afraid of psychologists. Every time I talk to them it feels like they are getting inside of my body and try to find a problem inside of me and this is not a pleasant feeling. It feels like they do an x-ray right inside my soul. Weird. But I believe after I will go through this discomfort it will help me realize something more about what my career choice should be.
  6. Pray/meditate! It is not right to make a life important decision in a hurry. You should find a silent place, a free moment when you do not have to worry about anything and truly think about what do you want. Take some time to be alone if you need it. :)

  These were my six suggestions for myself and others who can not make a decision. If you have some other ideas and some pieces of advice please share them in the comments! I will be happy to read them.
  Good luck!