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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Confidence And Love

 Hello, Everybody!
 In this post I'll talk about being confident and loving yourself the way you are. Very often we become insecure because we compare ourselves with a perfect image that Internet and the media in general gives us. I honestly like photography, editing and art but you must understand that a pretty face you see on Instagram is not a real life. For the Instagram fans this one picture has been a long process of having their make-up perfectly done, finding a good lightning, finding a good angle and finding a good pose and then editing. It doesn't mean that this person looks like that 24/7. We don't need to look perfect 24/7, we're humans.
 I feel completely okay even without my make-up, without my hair done, in an old oversize sweater and with my glasses on. I simply don't care what the people think. As long as I feel happy and comfortable in my skin that's alright not too look like the rest. At the end of the day I am familiar with a lot of perfect looking barbie dolls but just because they look perfect doesn't mean they have it all. Very often they can be antisocial, boring and non-friendly type of people. And because of that they can be very lonely. Very often without their Instagram they simply don't know how to interact with people. So, please don't put the image you see on the Internet on such a high pedestal. A lot of what you see isn't even real, it may be a photoshop, it may be the illusion of your sight, it may be a sponsored content and people are paid to make everything look perfect. You have to be happy with who you are. And remember it's hard for people to like you if you don't like yourself. That's the truth. 
 In the picture below you can see me the exact same day. First - me without any make-up, without a filter when I'm tired and second - when I feel kind of fresh, with some make-up and a filter. I know I have dark circles around my eyes, my eyes don't blink at the same time, my lips are always dry but that's not really what's important. We all have imperfections but our imperfections also make us special and unique. Just don't judge a book by its cover, read it first! And stop comparing yourself to the others. It's meaningless. And remember our creator is God and He never makes mistakes! Love yourself and praise God! <3

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalms 139:14