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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Your Life Is What You Make It & Vlogging

  Hi guys!
  I know I'm not the best at vlogging. I'm not a good speaker and I suck at all the technical aspects but taking my camera with me everywhere truly makes my life more FUN and makes me happier. :) I've been trying to do this for two years now and I've realized that I have three seasons in my life every year: summer - working hard to make money for all the entertainment and stuff I actually need, autumn/winter - being sick and stressing out over school, spring - relaxing and being creative. Maybe if I lived in a warmer country I would be relaxed more often and healthier and then I would keep up with my videos/vlogs etc. But right now it is what it is. I'm not doing this for money or attention I'm doing this for ME and that's what matters :) I don't know maybe once I graduate school I'll feel more free. Or maybe this will happen when I'll get my bachelor's because university is also stressful and hard. I don't understand people who can manage to do both: vlogging and studying at the same time. It would be too much of pressure for me because I'm a perfectionist. I don't know how others deal with it. But I wish with all my heart that in the future I can have a job that I would be able to do distantly from home and that would save my time to do more interesting and creative things, and exploring the know it.
  I don't know why am I sharing this with you. Obviously I want to share with you my new vlog but I also feel very frustrated that I can't do the things I love constantly. :( Also there are a lot of people that never understand why am I doing this. Why do I write blog posts, why do I make videos, why do I like to speak up on social media? I try to explain them that it is fun, it makes life more interesting, it helps me understand myself and grow and this way I also kind of leave something behind me: memories or an inspirational "something" that would impact somebody. I'm so tired of people who are talking me out of it, saying that I should do something more practical, more intellectual, deeper things, more serious things. Not all things in our lives have to be that way. My life is what I make it!!! It can be boring and practical or I can make it adventurous, meaningful and breathtaking. I don't care about the difficulties! I don't care if others laugh! My happiness is my priority. And as a Christian I also believe God wants us to be happy so having fun and enjoying your life and exploring things is not a waste of time for me. :)
  I hope this reminder will make me more courageous! And also I hope it will inspire you to be BRAVE! A lot of great people tried to succeed at the same things for ages until they reached their goal. A lot of people were wandering the Earth for ages, working minimal wage jobs, until they found their calling. So anyone who is trying to put a label on you can go home because their opinion does not matter. Only yours and God's opinion matter. If others don't understand, they can leave. And if they don't - ignore them.
  Life is too short to waste it on people who bring you down. I'm sure with some time I will find supportive and like-minded people. And the circle of this people will increase and increase because I'm choosing a POSITIVE thinking and FAITH and HOPE. These three things are truly all you need for happy living!
  So here are my video memories of the passed holidays. Click here
  I love you all! <3
  Never stop believing! Never give up!