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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nice places to eat, drink and relax in Riga

 Hello, Everybody!
 In case you're thinking of visiting Riga or you live in Riga but don't know where you could have a nice coffee/dinner date then this post is for you!

1. Caif Cafe. Riga, Šķūņu street 16.
 It's my favourite place where to drink coffee at. And not because the coffee is so amazing but because of the atmosphere. The cafe has two floors, big tables and instead of chairs - nice soft couches. :) Very often I go there with my best friends and at the end of evening we're already kind of falling asleep there because it's really cosy. And very often they play French music which is why I personally like this place even more. And for coffee they have a lot of syrups which is amazing. Yum, yum. It's located at Old Riga.
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2. Ezītis Miglā.  Palasta street 9 and Aldaru street 12/14.
 It's a bar/restaurant in hipster style. Prices are very friendly. I think the French fries with sauce for only 2 euros is everyone's favourite there. The interior is very stylish and there is one table which located right below the stairs which makes you feel like you're in a Harry Potter's room. "Ezītis" also provides some  table games so it's always fun there.
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3. Vilhelma Pankūkas. Šķūņu street 6.
 "Vilhelma Pankūkas" is a small pancake restaurant at Old Riga. It's very nice to go there with a family. The interior really feels like home. And it's almost the only one pancake restaurant in the city centre. There is a big variety of pancakes: with meat, caramel, bananas, cheese etc. so for pancake lovers that's a good option. 

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 4. CoffeeInn. Terbatas street 7.

 We have a lot of CoffeInn's in Riga but one of my favourite is located at Terbatas street 7.
 I like the atmosphere of this cafe. It is usually decorated with the drawings that are made by the customers. Tasty and not pricey coffee. Wi-Fi!!! And also comfortable chairs and enough of  power sockets for customers to charge their phones and computers. It's students favourite place where to do their homework and drink coffee at. :)

 5.Lido. Elizabetes street 65.

 I like this restaurant because it feels like a warm home and it's cosy. The waiters are dressed in Latvian national costumes and girls usually have a hair band of daisies in their head which is cute. You can have a normal meal which tastes as good as a homemade cooking. And in average a lunch can cost about five euros. Perhaps the best place to go for a meal and taste a Latvian cuisine.

 6. Kūkotava. Terbatas 10/12.

 For those of you who love pastry as crazily as I do Kukotava is heaven. They have cakes, cookies,muffins, even mini pizzas and other products. Also it's not pricey though it looks very exquisite on the inside. On a Valentine's day a queue there was so long that some people who wanted to order some cakes just lost their patience and with anger slammed the door. Well, the place is popular so they should have predicted something like that to happen on 14th of February.

 7. Crazy Donuts. Krišjāņa Barona 28.

(couldn't find an original picture so look at the screenshot) 

 For the lovers of donuts this cafe has it all. I'm not sure about the prices but I think one donut costs about 0,70 euros and tastes heavenly good when a donut at the supermarket can cost about 0,85 euros and taste like rubber. So it's definitely worth going there even though it's not that close to the centre. I really like how colourful this place is. After tough days at school just being there makes me feel better.

8. Pizza Italia. Brīvības bulvāris 30.

It wouldn't have been me if I didn't add pizza in this list. One slice of pizza there costs only 1,89 euros. They have different other dishes from Italian cuisine and you can even order WOK there. I love this place and it is always beautifully decorated according to the season. I often like to come there and write some creative ideas in my notebook while drinking hot chocolate. Probably this bistro somehow inspires me.

 That's all. Have I missed something? What other nice places I should add into my list?