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Saturday, 21 January 2017

For Your Soul and Bones

  Guys, I'm not  a committed 100 % "flower child" but being close to the nature can seriously cure a lot.
 I'm fighting with migraines and weak immunity for six years now and nothing helps me relax that much as a breeze and the sound of waves, and the touch of water. I know some people who find streaming water at the sink  relaxing and it relieves them from their pain. I just want to suggest you if you are fighting a disease or deal with a lot of stress, especially if you live in the city like I do, then find some time at least in your weekend to really meet the nature. And by saying nature I mean something more than a central park that is surrounded by beeping cars. That would not be helpful. I think it is important to find a peaceful place close to nature to meditate, sort things out and get clarity in your head and also just to enjoy the landscape and the sunlight (those things also give hormones of happiness). So this is my challenge to you! This is not a long post but it is just a reminder. We as human beings are the part of the nature which why it's just normal to connect with it sometimes. :)