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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


  Hello, Everybody!
  About two weeks ago I and my friends had a road trip to Tallinn, Estonia. The two days we spent there and on the road were full of fun, laughter and adventures.  We visited a church which held a conference for the youth and I met some of my friends from different cities which made me very happy. In this post I'll tell you a little bit more about what I liked in Tallinn.
This is a beautiful church which is located right in the city's center.

  The first day we came there after a meeting we went for a little walk in Tallinn Old Town. My friend wanted to take us to a beautiful pizzeria hidden in some small corner of the town. The yard outside was decorated with colorful fairy lights which looked magical but unfortunately a picture can't tell you how wonderful it really was. Then inside this pizzeria had a medieval decor with the stone walls. It was very pretty but unfortunately by the time we got there pizzeria's kitchen didn't work anymore which was a pity. So we had to leave and go to a McDonald's as usual. :D

Outside the pizzeria
  By night I and a few other girls stayed at my friend's house which is located in completely different part of the city somewhere far away from the center. We had some lovely talk about life with a cup of tea which was very nice. At the time we finally decided to go to bed we realized that we have only four hours left to sleep. Why does it always happen? But we were alright. I still felt quite energized the next morning :D The locals told us that there is sea in twenty  minutes walk but we obviously did not have time to visit the seaside. Perhaps, that's the reason for a second visit. ;)
  Next morning we woke up early and had a normal tour across the old town which was still sleeping at that time (only 24/7 McDonald's worked :P). The city is very beautiful. I even think that probably the medieval architecture is preserved there better than in Riga Old Town. I've also noticed that Riga Old Town's main street is packed with bars and clubs but Tallinn Old Town's main street looks more peaceful and their bars and clubs aren't that noticeable. Maybe it's even better that way.

Watchtower's panorama.

 The restaurants entertain people with shows in medieval style: clowns, dances, knights. Sometimes the restaurants' staff even stand outside in their costumes and try to attract customers with their show. It brings the atmosphere of the old town about one thousand years back. I wish there was something like this in my hometown.

  I hope you can see at least a little bit how beautiful Tallinn is. I didn't want to take many pictures - just wanted to enjoy my time off in a beautiful place. That morning was freezing cold so unfortunately I didn't see the whole city. After some more meetings in the evening we drove back home. And in my opinion the time on the road was the most valuable because we had opportunity to laugh together and to talk together about the deep things.
  I hope I will do some more travelling and exploring very soon so that I can share more with you how beautiful the world is.