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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fashion Loves 2016

 Hello, Everybody!
 In this post I will share with you my favourite outfits and fashion items that made my 2016 year special. Let's start!

 This dress and a headband were knitted by my Grandmother. The dress is very warm which makes it good for the colder seasons. It has front pockets and is very cosy. :) I got inspired to have my first knitted dress ever by my previous fashion post in October. Do you remember seeing something similar already?

This is where I got the inspiration from.

 The knitted headband looks like a crown because it has a big pearl in the middle of it.

Like that.

 This dress was given to me from my Mother while I was preparing for the school's "Oscar's" party. One of the teachers called it Art Deco style dress. I really like it because the embroidery with glitters makes it very festive. But you have to be very careful with the dress in order not to ruin the glittery part.

This is me wearing that dress to the party.

 As long as I remember me I have always dreamt of a perfect red dress. And this summer I have finally bought one at Terranova which you can wear both everyday and to the parties if you'll add some accessories. It's simple and beautiful. But the material of a dress gets creased easily so you should look after how you move and sit to make it stay smooth all day.

 This skirt was a life saviour when I did not know what to wear. It's also quite festive. Just add any top to that and you're done. It reminds me of spring and when I wear that it always gives me a good mood. :)

 I've bought this one at Stradivarius more that a year ago but I'm not sure if I have shown you it. The dress is amazing and Stradivarius is one of my favourite stores. Between the shades of pink  there is a tiny golden thread that you can't really see in the picture but it's pretty in real life. This dress is also a life saviour. It's comfy and the material is very nice, so I can wear it 24/7.

 These are pyjamas from H&M that I think are really cool because it says "Brunch club". + I prefer to sleep in a long T-shirt better than in a bottom+top pyjamas. It's 65% polyester and 35% cotton if that matters to you. I really like to wake up in it and never want to change it to the normal clothes in the morning. :D It's comfy and I like it.

 This dress I found after my sister has moved away with her husband so I still have not given it back to her because I keep it for one party in 1950's style. I think this dress gives me a lot of joy and this dark blue colour reminds me of the sea and the beach. This is why it deserves to be one of my favourites. It feels like a dress has a happy aura around it.

 This is a top I bought at &M. It's modern classic style and I know it because I work at H&M. I love to wear it with black jeans and I think I look quite business style and at the same time beautiful in it. I also wore  it to one party recently. This golden necklace on it makes it stand out from the rest of my wardrobe.

 This dress is also from H&M and it carries a lot of beautiful memories from summer 2016 which I like. This floral print is everything.

 The thing that makes this dress unique is this fashionable cut out trend. Cut outs are at both sides. You can see them in the picture above. The dress simply radiates summer which makes me very happy and reminds me of the summer sun that I really miss right now.  :)

 I can't believe this post is over. I'd like to go on and on about my Fashion Loves. <3
 Please send me pictures of your fashion loves 2016!
 Love you all,