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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Perfect Me 2017

 Hello, Everybody!
 I know that New Year is coming only next week but I decided to give my resolutions early. The faster I start the faster I'll get to my "Perfect Me" version.

In my mind right now I feel like an archer that is setting goals.

  The new me in 2017 is:
  1. Never late.
  2. Always looks perfect.
  3. Nice to people and eager to help.
  4. Has an opinion on everything.
  5. Knows about what happens in the world. Is not ignorant.
  6. Confident.
  7. Creative.
  8. Sportive. Has an active lifestyle hobby like running and dancing for example.
  9. Plans her time and sets her little goals for every day so that she can be productive.
  10. Eats healthily! No consuming kilos of sweets every day!
  11. Every two weeks goes to some cultural event or at least socialize with people outside her work and school.
  12. Every month discovers something new about the country she lives in. Goes somewhere she hasn't been before.
  13. Spends her summer going to the festivals, concerts, exhibitions, galleries, museums and all the other new places she wants to go. DISCOVERS something new. And then tells her blog readers everything about it. :)
  14. Has at least one travelling outside her homeland.
  15. Realizes what she wants to be and which university to apply.
  16. Gets her driving license.
  17. Improves her French and after a long break also Swedish.
  18. Learns Spanish, too.
  19. Changes her wardrobe to have a more classy, clear (nothing too much) and stylish look.
  20. Reads a book per month and ALWAYS writes a review on that.
  21. Every week reads at least one post of a blogger she doesn't know so that her blogging journey is even more interesting.
  22. Writes a blog post herself at least once in a week.
  23. Walks out of her comfort zone more often.
  24. Doesn't forget to write her reviews on everything and take pictures. (I like taking at least a picture a day so that I can memorize everything and make each day special.)
  25. Never forgets to congratulate people with their birthdays and other important holidays. ( I actually always forget to congratulate my parents with their wedding anniversary. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.)
 It came up to be 25 points but I'm sure that with time I'll be adding more and more things to this list. We never have to stop growing and developing after all. ;)
 What are your goals?