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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How I went to H&M, House and Sinsay. Expectations Vs. Reality

 At the last time a lot of people around me have been telling me that there are a lot of cool clothes at H&M. And it is just killing me because every time I go to H&M I can't find anything I'd really like to purchase. Right now there are sales almost in every shop but my warderobe is overfilled with clothes so I don't really need to buy anything. So I decided to go to H&M on the Internet and then try to find all the clothes I liked on the Internet in the real life just for fun and because I wanted kind of explore the H&M. And this is what happened.

My expectations or what I found at H&M on the Internet:

Patterned jersey top

Long-sleeved blouse

I really liked the colours and the birds of these tops.

Crêpe jacket
I just need a new black everyday jacket.

Jersey dress

It's just a little black dress. I find it very cute and classy. A perfect choice for everyday outfut.

So, this was what I found online. Then I decided to go to shopping in real life.

H&M Real Life.

Unfortunately, in real life I didn't find anything I found on the Internet.

This blouse was the first thing I really liked. :) And it has butterflies on it. It costs 9,99 euros.

Pajama's bottom. It is very soft and cozy. I love things like that. I think it also has a very beautiful pattern. It costs 9,99 euros. I think if I bought it I would NEVER stop wearing it because it's SUPER soft.

This is just a cute top. :) It costs 14,99 euros.

This is a very cute sweater with Minnie Mouse. I love Mickey and Minie Mouse. <3 It costs 14,99 euros.

I think you can see what it is. I like it because it has very beautiful pattern. Right now it's only 7 euros.

I think this long-sleeved blouse is very cute but I'm not sure if I'd wear it. It costs 14,99 euros.

And again my favourite pattern and favourite colour. It costs 9,99 euros.

I really like this top because it's very loose. I like wearing clothes like that. I feel myself comfortable in it. I can't remember how much it costs but probably it's about from 10 to 15 euros.
This is the last thing I liked from H&M. It is very soft gray sweater. You can't really see how beautiful it really is at the photo but it is beautiful. :) I love soft gray cozy sweaters. They make me feel good. It costs 19,99 euros.

After that I also went to some other shops.


It's Bambi. I love Bambi and this top is very cute. Right now it costs only 7,99 euros.

I don't remember how much it costs but it's another cute top. I love floral print.

Accessories. I have way too much earrings. I have rings but I don't really wear them. And I don't have any bracelets I could wear at some festive events. So I really need to buy a cute bracelet like it but it's very hard to find something like that for a cheap price at my favourite shops. This one costs about 5 euros, I think.

The last shop I went to is Sinsay.

Sinsay has a lot of beautiful tops for Summer but as it Winter I tried to find something wintery.

I think this top is cute and warm enough for Winter. It costs 11,99 euros right now.

 Probably, that's all. I really want to buy some cute tops, bracelets and dresses when time will be closer to Spring/Summer. Do you have any suggestions where I could do it?