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Friday, 23 January 2015

Little things :)

 This month I received some cute presents from my family without any reason. Surprising things like that always make you feel special and make your life a little bit more colorful and interesting. So, I decided to share these things with you.

 My grandmother gave me a hand cream exactly when I needed it the most. My previous hand cream had a huge package so it wasn't comfortable to take it with me when I'd go out and knew that my hands are going to become super dry after a few hours because it's very cold. So my grandmother decided to give me a  hand cream in a little package. :) Exactly what I needed. :) It's called Hand & Nail Cream Aloe Herbal Cosmetics. This hand cream has extracts of aloe in it and it also smells with aloe. It's not my favourite scent to be honest but it's better than nothing. Plus this cream has more pluses than minuses. It softens and moisturises very good, it also has keratin in it that strengthen nails and it's compact.
 The little mirror I received from my sister exactly when mine broke. It's with wood. I really like things made of wood. I think wooden things always look better than plastic. How many times did I say word wood? :P
 And this little another wooden thing was made to be a flower pot but I use it as a little box for little things for example my little mirror and the hand cream. :) I received it from my sister, too. It has inscription on it: "Eine Blume für Dich". Translating from German it means: "A flower for you". It's very cute. And it looks very beautiful as a decor on my table. :)

But what little things make you happy?