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Friday, 2 January 2015

How I went to Tiger

 A few days back I went to Tiger and noticedthere some cute things I'd like to purchase and try. :)

The first thing I've noticed were these makeup brushes. 10 brushes for only 7 euros and two for 3 euros each. It's a bargain. But probably the quality of these makeup brushes wouldn't be so good.

Next thing was this hairbrush because it's very cute and little. It would be better and more comfortable to carry this little one instead of my big hairbrush in my bag when I go out. Probably it costs only 1 euro but I'm not sure.

I also would like to buy this little mirror because I don't have a little mirror and if I had I could carry it in my bag so when I need a mirror I have it. :)

I also saw there two big makeup bags. I'd like to buy them because when I travel I really like to have all my makeup and beauty products in one place. :)

I also saw these simple makeup-holders. I don't have a makeup-holder yet I have my makeup items everywhere in my room. I think I'd buy one of these or I would make something like this myself. :)

I don't know how does this handcream smell but it costs only 3 euros and is small enough to carry this in a bag in case your hands get very  very dry very fast like mine. :)

I also saw these bigger mirrors. I'd really like to buy the one for 4 euros because I saw lots of my girlfriends using it when they apply their makeup. And I find this mirror perfect for this purpose.

I find this box for jewelry super cute. It's pink inside and balck with white dots outside. It also has a little mirror in it. My box is too small and very old now so I'd like to have this one. It costs only 4 euros.

As it is winter now I feel very cold now especially my legs. So I saw these sneakers and fell in love with them. I hope I'll have them one day. :) They cost 10 euros but they are super cosy and warm.

I also like these cute gloves but I have similas ones that I did myself so I'm not gonna buy these ones. As you can see they cost 3 euros.

I've seen this alarm many many times and I still want to buy it because it looks very cute and I guess the sound of it will be enough irritating and annoying to wake me up. :D :P

Once I bought myself this colouring book but I've already finished colouring it so I'd like to buy it again because patterns in it are very complicated and I find it very relaxing and interesting to colour colouring books like this one.

This is how it looks like inside.

Next stuff I wan to show to you is just some things I'd like to decorate my room with: deccorative lights and cute candle holders for candles. :)

These candle holders cost from 1 to 3 euros. They all are very beautiful and colourful.

This is my favourite. It costs only 1 euro. :)

I think these decorative lights cost 5 euros.

More decorative lights in a shape of a heart.

I don't have pictures to put in this photo frame yet but I'd like to have my photos with my best friends there. :)

This thing is very cool. I could hold my rings on it but I'm not sure if this pink hand has the same size of fingers as mine. :P

 That's it! What of these stuff did you like the most? What do you think I should buy first?