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Friday, 23 January 2015

Review: Grace Cole England Luxury Hand &Nail Cream

 This month my Mum received a hand & nail cream by Grace Cole England. I decided to try it and I loved it so much so now it's a my cream. This is why I decided to do a little review on it. :)
 The official name of the cream is Boutique Luxury Hand & Nail Cream Vanila Blush & Peony.
 Firstly, it came in a very beautiful package. Unfortunately my Mum took off the package before I took a picture of it but you can look at the package on the Grace Cole's website. I'll leave all the links below.

 So, about the cream. It's very light and smells very good. It smells with vanilla. I literally want to eat my hands after using it. I think if someone put it on a cake and didn't say me it's a hand cream I would it together with a cake because the smell of it is just AMAZING! It's not super moisturising for the colder months, but I think it would be perfect for spring and summer when it's warm. It softens hands very good.
 The package says it has extracts of almond oil, silk and champagne. Sounds interesting.
 Grace Cole England's website - 

:) :) :)