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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review: Flormar Pretty Compact Powder

 Recently I bought a new powder to just simply try it. It cost only 1,79 euros. The cheapest powder ever. I have already said once that I'm not a big fan at all of Flormar cosmetics. So I have very mixed feelings about this powder. I'm going to tell you the pluses and the minuses of it.

Let's start with the pluses! :)
  1. This powder is not pricey at all.
  2. It has a pretty and compact package. It will be easy to carry it in your little handbag.
  3. It does make your skin mate and last for a long time.
And minuses. :(
  1. It smells bad. Actually in my opinion cosmetics should not smell at all and when it smells bad it is even worse.
  2. It's very harsh on my skin.
  3. After using it my skin feels terrible. It's dry and irritated.
To sum up it all, I would say that if you have a sensitive skin like mine then you shouldn't buy it. It's better to save a little more money and buy the Rimmel London Stay Mate Powder which I use most of the time. :)