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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Good times, Friends, Food & More

  During the last week I've met and spent time with a lot of my good old friends. It was so nice and comforting. I've missed them all so much. Since I've changed the school there isn't much time to meet my old friends as often as I used to but it made every time we meet more precious. Sometimes only when you loose something you realise how much it mean for you. :)
  Let's start from the beginning.
  On Saturday I and my friends decided to celebrate The International Women's Day a bit early. We had a big girls party!!! :D A lot of girls have cooked cakes themselves. We even had a competition for the most delicious cake. :) There was so much food that it just wasn't possible to taste every dish by little. Then after eating these delicious cakes we had some girl time talking about clothes and fashion. One of the women has finished stylist's courses so we could ask her questions and had a little consultation (probably I annoyed everybody because I as always had lots of questions). After that we watched The Princess Diaries (I love this film!!!) with my favourite actress Anne Hathaway, had a lot of laughter and fun. It was very nice! The last time we spent some time all together only girls in September and I wish we could spend more time like this. After the party I also spent some time with my best friend Nadine! I really like spending time with her because she always understands me and I understand her and she's so hilarious so we always have fun together. :D

This is our girl party!

And this is the food. :)
We also had pizzas, ice-cream and pop-corn. 

 Then this week I was so lucky with my schedule at school because almost every day some lessons were cancelled by different reasons. So I had some more free time and decided to meet my friends from my old school and also did a little of shopping and went to new restaurants at Riga. :)

 Yesterday I went to a new restaurant called "Food & More". It was so awkward because the hall at this restaurant is big and I was the only client there. It's kind of weird. :) But this restaurant is very beautiful inside and the food there is very fresh and not too pricey. I've ordered one classical burger and then had to wait for 10 min. After 10 min I've received the tastiest burger EVER. I've never eaten a burger like this before. I could feel that the salad and tomatoes are fresh. And this one was very very fresh and I've never eaten that fresh burger at McDonald's or Hesburger in my whole life before I think.

At Food & More.

The fairy burger. :P

 After exploring new restaurants that same day I met my old friend Sveta and today I also met my friend Lera. :) You know this feeling. When you meet your old best friend and then you just begin to laugh out loud with no reason. Just you're friends and every time you meet each other you begin to act like idiots, have these stupid smiles on your face, do weird motions and laugh and laugh and laugh...

I know we live in a very busy and fast world but finding time to spend with friends and family is very important. It makes you spiritually and emotionally richer. Makes you happier. Brings meaning to life. Good memories. Something important and worth fighting for. :)
 So I just want to tell my every single friend taht I love you and thank you for being there for me. I really appreciate that. <3

Remember and love your families and friends!

Lots of Love,