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Monday, 9 March 2015

Hair Talk and My Fast and Easy Hairstyles

 I know hair might be a huge issue for a lot of women. I am not an exception. It's very hard for me to take care of my hair. They get dirty very fast, tangle, get fluffy as soon as I leave my house etc.
 But sometimes I do quite well. :)
 To do something good out of my terrible hair I most of the time use (or at least should use) a shampoo for sensitive skin and damaged hair as I have sensitive skin absolutely everywhere. I wash my hair with shampoo twice and after that I dry them with a towel so they aren't comletely wet but only a little wet. Then I take my conditioner and apply it only at the endings/length of my hair ( about 6 cm away from the head). Then I wait for about 5-10 min (you should read in the instruction how much time does your hair conditrioner takes) and then wash off the conditioner. Hair conditioner is very important! It makes hair softer, more protected and less tangled. I don't have only one brand of products for my hair that I use all the time but most of the time I use special therapeutic shampoos from pharmacy.
 If you see/feel that you really have hair problems then necessarily consult with your hairdresser or doctor. It's better late than never!
 And also you shouldn't wash you hair every day! It's a myth. Everyone should wash hair when they see it's about to get dirty if your hair can stay clean for two or three days then you can wash them every two/three days. :)

 And now about the hairstyles! :)
 Most of the time I just staighten my hair with a hair dryer, then brush them and do nothing. But sometimes when I'm not good enough at taking care of my hair and they are dirty I do some hairstyles to hide it like Messy Bun or just a High Pony Tail. But SOMETIMES my hair are clean and I just get inspiration to do something nice with them. A nice hairstyle. I am comletely rubbish at it but I try as much as I can.  I have that kind of haircut so the hair in front are shorter then the hair at the back so it's quite hard to do any hairstyles with that haircut and I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. So I decided to do a quick video showing my fast and easy hairstyle ideas! :)